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i would never buy into that franchise with your payment there supposed to take care of legal matters they didnt even research if the name was in use already and the guy who had bought the franchise got sued for a half mill they also have alot of stupid rules and guidlines you have to follow i would not buy in just my .02



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I am part of a franchise (not lawns) and it definately has its down points. Its as if you still have a boss. They are always checking up, eager to yell at any problems, and are constantly checking your sales to ensure they are at the proper level and are always looking to collect there franchise fee not to mention new hidden fees they come up with.


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Why would anyone spend like 30 or 40K to buy a lawn franchise? BFD, you're buying a "name".

Make a name for yourself through quality of workmanship and attention to detail. Dunno (and you can color me stupid), but it seems to me that money would be better suited in advertising, the right equipment, and/or somewhere else in your business...


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Why pay someone so you can work for them? Makes little sense to me?

If you have the money to purchase a franchise then DON'T use that money to build your empire, not someone elses.

We have heard way to many horor stories from franchisees here in Australia to ever think that franchising is a good thing in this industry...

Could you imagine the type of coverage you could give YOUR company if you used that 30-40 K mentioned above to promote your business. When you leave the franchise are you allowed to take the franchise customers, nope not in our franchise systems you aren't. So you buy into a franchise, build up a business, keep paying fee after fee even when the franchise is not providing assistance. In my opinion all you can build through a franchise is a potentially good wage, and a payout at the end of it all. With this employment, you have people to answer to, others rules and regulations to follow. WHY????? Take a risk on a franchise system that you could lose a lot more then money in, WHY??? Pay to work for someone. You want a guarantee, you want employment, then don't pay them to employ you.

Anyways, I just don't see why anyone would go down that road. Surely you can't be that affraid to try and do something for yourself. You can't possibly have the workers mantality that programmed into you.

Extract from pretty simple and relates to Aussie franchising system.

"Buying Into A Lawnmowing Franchise
Ok buy into a franchise, spend 25 thousand. For your money you may get 65 customers (if you're lucky), equipment and use of their well known name. After 3 to 4 months of being with them, you may have accumulated another 30 customers, and that may be all your able to cope with, TURNING OVER a possible $1,000 a week. It looks great in theory, but of course, you would be paying royalties, fees, etc. This may be costing you 4 to 5 hundred dollars a month and what are you paying that for? You already have 100 customers. So already, within 6 months, your business is established, the contract you signed may put you in debt $6,000 per year for 4 to 5 years. Now it doesn't look so good, does it. You are doing the hard work and someone else is reaping the profits.

Now that is a good scenario, what happens if after spending thousands of dollars on this franchise, you decide that lawn mowing isn't for you? OUCH... no explanation needed there! Oh and if you are looking at buying into a Franchise make sure you ask how much it costs you to get out?

IMMEDIATE INCOME? Every day we have people come to us saying they want to purchase a round or a franchise rather then start their own as they want immediate income. Where is the income if you are paying off a debt? The trick is to start off with as little outlay as possible, and really start making some money from the beginning"

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