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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by chrisbolte, May 21, 2007.

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    I know that most of you hate US Maintenance because they are a big company, they take a cut of the money you would make, and their time it takes to be paid. I have been doing work for them for the past three years and have been pretty happy with doing work for them. The reasons I don't mind working for them are: they do all the sales work for me, they handle most of the customer service, and I know I am going to get paid.

    I know many people have said the pay is very low. I would disagree. Some job pay is to low which I do not accept their offer. But many jobs are average for our area.

    I just received a certified letter saying the are taking a 4% pay cut on all jobs. I was wondering if anyone else has received that letter? Is this for all stores they service? Is this for all parts of the country?

    Overall I have had a good experience with the national companies. Please give any tips you have with working with them and gaining new business.

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    i do two Best Buy stores, one Boaters World, and one Studio 6 for them, also 2 Wal-Mart outparcels. We sign an agreement at the beginning of the year. It spells out the monthly amounts they will pay. They will not be reducing those by any amount. We had an agreed on price at the beginning.
  3. chrisbolte

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    That is what is surprising me. I had snow contracts that paid December thru May. They took the discount off the May payments. Those contracts were signed in September 2006. I had other contracts signed in March of 2007 that will be effected. The certified letter said all contacts when being paid will have a 4% discount taken.
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    That's fine just cut 96% of the grass.
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    Sounds like there might be something in the fine print on the contracts they've got people signing. Better be anyway, or they'll be defending themselves against a class action suit to get that money.
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    I like that! :laugh:
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    I live in Beaufort Sc so i hope im not stepping on any toes here, but how do I get in with this US maintenance company?
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