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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stevesmowing, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. stevesmowing

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    I was looking to get a ramp to load my 48" w/b belt drive in my pickup. A trailer is out of the question. I like the USA ramps I was thinking about the full width 8' ramp. How hard is to to back the mower down the ramp under control? I can't back in b/c its belt drive. I had curved aluminum ramps and it was very hard to back it down I want something safer. Any thoughts would be great
  2. bluemoon

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    I used one with my Walker. It worked well, the only thing depending on the amount of weight you will use, you miight need to build some type of support at the flex/fold point. I have some pictures if you want a idea of what I did.
    Let me know, I will have to find as they are burned on a cd somewhere.
    Good luck,
  3. fga

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    this is a bifold ramp i bought on ebay. I have a 48" belt also, and i'm loading it up on to a dump truck! the height on a pick up would even be easier to pull it off. backing off the machine is off, and you just go down using the brakes, simple. I push mine up cuz i like to have total control. but like i said, i'm a steeper angle then you would be. the ramps hold 1250 pounds.

    The only thing is with this ramp, i going to put 2 small strips of diamond plate (or plywood cuz its cheaper) cuz the front casters on my wb bounce over the rungs. Buthtis type of ramp folds neatly out of the way on the side of my truck, as opposed to loose ramps falling all over.

    This guy sent me my ramps really fast, but 1 rung was bent while in transport. So i emailed him and he sent out another immediately. He was suppossed to pick up the other one but never did after several emails, so i have 1 perfect ramp, and another almost perfect back up! i'd offer you the 2nd one, but i have 2 trucks and don't get lucky like this often.
  4. fga

    fga LawnSite Silver Member
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  5. CharlieBingo

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    I bought two ramps from usaramp. They are really nice safe and strong. I highly recommend them.
  6. Mark McC

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    I have to confess that I'd bought a couple of ramps for my pickup back when I had a trailer that was only 4x8. The idea was to get the Deere L110 and Toro into the trailer and get my eXmark metro 36 into the bed of the truck.

    The ramps I got seem plenty strong: each will support 400 pounds, so that's not an issue. What concerned me was this business of running the mower down the ramps. That puppy slips and my a** is hamburger while this 400 pound piece of steel runs me right over.

    I think it's just dangerous. Maybe I'm just chickensh*t, but looks to me like a great chance to visit an emergency room.
  7. Littleriver1

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    I watched a guy drop a 48" wb on it's side today. He was working down the street from me and tried to back it down the ramps. I heard it hit the ground and the guy rolling on the ground holding his arm. I started down there but his coworkers came running from the side of the house to help him. They started it up and cut the yard so it didn't hurt it too much.
  8. TrueTrim1

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    I've got a folding six foot ATV ramp that I use to get my 36" w/b onto my pickup. It is a belt drive so I have to drive it in forward. I lift up the front end and balance it on the back tires while I drive it up the ramp. It is easier than it sounds (Just keep it in the lowest gear- go slow). The ramp folds together in the middle. When I put it on the tailgate, it has straps that hook on to the tailgate so it doesn't slip off, and it is plenty wide for my mower. So, I have plenty of margin for error.

    As far as backing down, I use the brakes. With the mower in neutral, I pull it so that the back wheels touch the top of the ramp. I squeeze the brakes, lift up the front end (so the bottom doesn't drag and the castor wheels don't bounce), and then back it down slowly whil easing off the brakes. It really isn't as bad as it sounds once you get used to it.
  9. stevesmowing

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    I like the price on the link to e-bay I am just concered about safty on that oppsed to a USA ramp with mesh. Also how long does it take you to get the ramp out and get it in place each time. The only thing i don't like about the usa ramps is that they are always there and you have to leave the tail gate down I already have an ext cab plus and 8ft bed they are also priced high. I guess they both have pros and cons. Any more info would be great.
  10. fga

    fga LawnSite Silver Member
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    15 seconds or so. it hangs on the side of my dumptruck like a ladder. on the way to the back of the truck we grab it, tailgate down,clip the safety hooks on, and pull ramp into position tight. I'm going to add some strips of diamond plate, or mesh, or thin plywood underneath to fill in the rungs and i'll be set.

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