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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by laynlow, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. laynlow

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    I just picked up a Honda mini-tiller today. I had a chance to use it for about a half-hour, and it seemed to want to dig right into the ground. Yes, I am glad it has plenty of power, but I am looking for some tips on making the thing walk forward like it should.

    I was tilling some narrow beds, so the drag bar tended to sink right it with the tines. The ground is moist right now with all the rain we have received. I am sure this is just a practice and get the hang of it problem, but any tips to get me ahead of the curve would be appreciated.

    Also, does anyone have experience with the de-thatcher attachment? I have a bermuda lawn, so it can use a good power rake every now and then. I would like to hear what folks think of the attachment.

    Thanks! :blob3:
  2. Russo

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    The real deal is that a front tine tiller is not going to walk right along like you see on TV. Especially in soil that that isn't already loose. When I use the mini tillers, I drag them backwards! That works it up REAL nice. If you want a leasurely stroll throught the garden, you'll need a rear tine tiller, and those aren't very leasurely unless the soil is already loose either.

    Bottom Line........tilling is hard work. The commercials you see on TV are of tillers moving across soil that has been tilled 15 times already that day before filming.
  3. laynlow

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    Ok, thanks for the tip. I tried moving backwards some, but the drag bar makes it difficult. I think I will try it without the drag bar next time. It sure was easier than a hoe and rake though!

  4. captdevo

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    if you want leisure tilling, get a counter-rotating rear'll like it sooo much, you'll add a cup holder to it

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