USDA Solid Waste Management Grants for Rural Areas

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    Grant Opportunity: USDA Solid Waste Management Grants for Rural Areas

    The United States Department of Agriculture’s Solid Waste Management Grant Program aims to reduce or eliminate pollution of water resources in rural areas and to improve the planning and management of solid waste sites in rural areas. Non-profits, public bodies, and Native American tribes with the experience and ability to provide technical assistance and training to rural entities are eligible. Among other uses, the grant money may be put towards training communities to reduce waste through on- or off-farm composting or assessing current levels of water pollution. Last year’s recipients each received between $18,000 and $205,000. Applications are due by December 31, 2008. For more information, please visit:

    HHMMM, getting paid to compost, novel idea
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    so I can apply for this grant and if I receive it, I don't see why I would not if I did things right as the only "composter" around is Cobb county and we have all been there, that will pay for anything and everything I would need to get things going?

    Sign me up!
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    maybe not so much...

    "Solid Waste Management grants may be used to:

    1. Evaluate current landfill conditions to determine threats to water resources.
    2. Provide technical assistance and/or training to enhance operator skills in the operation and maintenance of active landfills.
    3. Provide technical assistance and/or training to help communities reduce the solid waste stream.
    4. Provide technical assistance and/or training for operators of landfills which are closed or will be closed in the near future with the development and implementation of closure plans, future land use plans, safety and maintenance planning, and closure scheduling within permit requirements."

    Sounds like tree might get all my money?

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    bummer we dont have a big enough sand box to play in
  5. treegal1

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    there is no rural in that at all, it is for municipal waste, waste!!! you try and get any money from the usda and they form and format yo to death with waste, and not the kind that can be composted, I have tried several times to get state help or USDA funds, and unless its there pet project that they want funded them its a no go, most funding I have had to do my self or with private money, then when they see it start to work and they are not part of the game they want to change the rules to suit them selves. kind of sad really that they wont break off 3200$ to a small yet useful entity that actually does get results in a waste reduction.

    now I know Bill or madame will chime in and say something, "the usda helps us and are ok" great then prove it to me, lets get a partner ship going and get some of that,,,, profane amount of waste money, like 25 million to Alaska, and for 1/2 that we can build IVC's to ship to alaka in mass, lets do some math 1 mil to ship the cans, what 10,000$ each for the systems( they cost 2200$) that is like 230 cans each serves 1000 people that's 230,000, wait there was only 643786 people in alaska in 04, where the .... is the money going??? not into a rural setting.

    notice I held back on this for one second, I have a lot of close friends in alaska, called and e mailed some, they have never seen dollar one, the ones that got the $$$ where the mines and oil co,s to research how they can stop polluting.

    Bill this was A nice try, but I know you are better than this, maybe lets get together and try and get some of this cash, you write the grant and I will do the work, and if and when that day comes then we maybe have something to talk about, in the mean time I am off to get started on really recycling some waste, making fuel and also growing food and ornamental crops with out the use of fert and chems. if you want to talk about the grant , try me later as the rural farm we work on has no phone and no cell service, I am open to hear how the government helps, maybe I can ask the Indians on the way to the farm, take a guess what they will say.........
  6. ICT Bill

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    We are a member of the joint EPA/USDA group called greenscapes, I do believe there are other sponsors on here that are too

    The GreenScapes Partnership program aims to combine government and industry into a powerful, unified influence over the reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste materials in large land use applications.

    I hear many folks on here that say that there is no composting or recylcling going on in their communities, that is what this group is set up for, to promote it

    There may be hurdles to jump but it is a group that is trying via government to help

    If you consider yourself a large landscaper look here,
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    The objectives of the Solid Waste Management Grant Program are to

    Reduce or eliminate pollution of water resources in rural areas.

    Improve planning and management of solid waste sites in rural areas.

    NOTE: Rural areas are defined as any area not in a city or town with a population in excess of 10,000, according to the latest decennial census of the United States.

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    Entities eligible for Solid Waste Management (SWM) grants are:

    Private nonprofit organizations with tax exempt status designated by the Internal Revenue Service. A nonprofit organization is defined as any corporation, trust, association, cooperative, or other organization that:

    Is operated primarily for scientific, education, service, charitable, or similar purposes in the public interest.

    Is not organized primarily for profit.

    Uses its net proceeds to maintain, improve, and/or expand its operations.

    Public bodies.

    Federally acknowledged or State recognized Native American tribe or group.

    Academic institutions

    where do i fit in??? how do i get some money to further the use of composting??? or 1542$ to do some research on inter-planting crops??? or 3600$ to proto type a IVC???? or maybe some financial aid to research small scale mixed use plantings, or algae to fuel total cost needed around 7200$ after the press??? maybe can use a few dollars to help teach sustainability???? or even just 350$ to teach the JR master gardeners how to compost and grow worms??? 846 $ to make a composting toilet that is cost efective( cost to make the mold )?????

    I will bet that I can work at publix and get that money faster than the grant can be reviewed. but thats not what this grant is about is it??? the way I read it it is for controlling pollution and working on existing sites, not for a real rural farm or waste reduction system, just the opposite
  8. Kiril

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    Regardless of the numerous short comings of our government, it is a step in the right direction.
  9. treegal1

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    yes and granted change is slowly coming about, just slow is not really my speed, I want more change and more good done with what we have.

    land fills are just an excuse in my book.............if the citys recycle bins where bigger and there trash cans smaller .........................
  10. Kiril

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    Agreed .... however recycling only works when it is practiced, regardless of the bin size. :cry: Not a government problem .. a people problem ... a society problem.

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