Use a skidsteer or a rototiller?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Albery's Lawn & Tractor, Jun 21, 2008.

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    Just picked up an account where this old lady payed some wanna be landscaper to install sod at her new house. He was payed a total of $3800, of that he was suppose to use 14 pallets of centipede, 2 tandem axles loads of topsoil, level the yard, and apparently he told her he would put down pesticide/weed-n-feed on the new sod (and no he's not liscensed). Well the yard looks like $hit, unlevel as can be, sod is dying off in places, big gaps in between pieces, etc. So I am now suppose to fix this mess. My original plan was to rent a skid steer or a frontend loader tractor and just scrap it all up and order a trash container. But since the sod is already dying off I am wondering if I could just use a 5 foot tiller and just go over it several times, this way I don't remove what little soil is there (oh and he didn't bring in the amount of dirt he was suppose to, maybe 3-4 yards at most). Does this sound like a feesible plan? I feel so bad for this lady and am trying to save her as much as possible. Any other recommendations are appreciated.
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    so none of the sod is salvageable?

    and you dont really put down ween-n-feed on new sod.. you do put a starter fert.
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    I don't and neither should you/him if you aren't licensed. If you think it is absolutely necessary (which I typically don't) then figure in the cost to sub that out.

    I would think that the sod tilled up with the existing soil beneath should yield a decent topsoil substitute. I suppose it depends on the quality though. A tiller should also give you better results (i.e. less compaction, etc) than tearing up the entire thing with a skid steer and laying costly t.s. down.

    Some may bash me for this but I've laid quite a few sod yards down with little and no t.s. Most of the time you can get great results by tilling the existing (if it isn't all sand or clay) and laying a quality sod down. You just need to stress to the customer that the result is in their hands in the form of watering religiously and minimizing traffic for the first several weeks.

    My $.02
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    I should add that I don't have any experience with centipede grass though.
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    I don't know, you usually have sod chunks that don't go any where when you till sod, and if your anal, you'll want to rake them off before you lay sod.

    I like the idea of coming in with a sod cutter, salvaging what you can, strip the rest, till, grade, lay and be done with it. Raking sod chunks suck.
  6. mybowtie

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    Skid with a power rake....Leave whats there and rake it......:usflag:
  7. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    Some of the sod is salvagable but I'm not willing to leave it in with the new sod. If I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it like it should have been in the first place. And hell no I'm not putting down any pesticides on new sod, thats what the old guy did. I know how to do the job right I was just wondering if I need to spend the extra money to rent a Bobcat and a dumpster container, or could I get just as good as a result with a 5' Tiller.
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    Use a bobcat and a container and start from scratch.
  9. Grn Mtn

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    Dingo TX425/525 wide track with soil culivator and sod roller. Lots of pictures of both attachments in action on this site in the tractor forum. heres a teaser.





  10. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    he layed 14 pallets for $3800? wow, at least it was cheap...

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