use a stick edger for plastic edging ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by befnme, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. befnme

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    i have a customer i am preparing to doa a small scape for a she wants that plastic crap instaled .i have never used it because it looks like crap . any way i want to know if i put 2 blades together on my stick edger will the trench be wide enough and deep enough for this stuff ?
  2. OutdoorExtras

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    I highly doubt the stick edger would be much help in digging the trench, but it may help in cleaning up the edge before installation. If it's more than a few 20ft sections rent a bed edger with a full edging blade. It will save a ton of time and you will end up with better looking results. The toughest part of installing edging is to get smooth (or straight) results. Just a small bend in the edging and it will look less than professional.
  3. befnme

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    thank for the info.
  4. Jason Rose

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    If you can find COBRA edging, it's the best. Has a large top to it and it's very rigid. It's T shaped at the botton, so your trench would need to be about an inch and a half wide, still best to have an angle cut trench that has a verticle face that way the edging gets pushed up tight with solid ground and then you can backfill from behind. Don't forget the metal stakes!
  5. Grn Mtn

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    Not many people actually install the stuff correctly. Done right it will stay down and look good (relatively speaking.)

    Get the professional grade 1 1/2" round nose 6" deep with "v" at end. Place all the way into the ground just up to the round nose and stake every 2-3' depending on soil and sharpness of curve. Make sure one side of the trench is flat and the otherside is at an angle. Put the edging up against the flat part and use the angle side to help give you room to hammer the nails into. Then tightly backfill with dirt (not mulch.)

  6. LLandscaping

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    We don't install the plastic edging because it warps and won't stay in the ground (At least the stuff we have seen). We tell the customer to either use steel edging, bricks,etc. If it job is not going to look good we don't want to do it.
  7. southernlandscapespecial

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    I agree with everyone else the plastic edging is not all that great. I have a shindaiwa stick edger with one blade on it, I bent the edges on both sides about 3/16 and it did a pretty good job of digging a small trench.
  8. befnme

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  9. southernlandscapespecial

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    James, no I did not heat the edges, I simply put it in a vice and bent it with a 4# hammer and when I was through I threw the blade away
  10. befnme

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    i might try that i only have like 30 + - feet to do.

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