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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by americanlandscape, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. americanlandscape

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    We have had no luck with blade blockers to close off the chute to prevent clippings from beds,houses etc.. they seem to last only a few days before the break. any other ideas.
  2. carcrz

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    How the heck are you breaking them? Are they the plastic ones? I have some metal ones that I have had for years. I think they may be indestructible. If you have the plasctic ones, you may be able to change the plastic parts w/ some metal ones so it doesn't break as easy.
  3. STAN1366

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    I've got a Trimmer Trap Blade Blocker on my Exmarl Lazer. It came with a plastic blocker, but I made one out of steel instead. Works great for me. I had installed the factory mulch kit on it, but I didn't like the inflexibility of mulching only. With the blade blocker, I can mulch(to a point), side discharge, or add the catcher if need be.
  4. carcrz

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    We use our blockers w/ Gator blades & they do a pretty good job. I tried running hi-lifts w/ the Gators & a blocking plate & it just blew the grass out in front of me & right in my eyes - not fun!
  5. gl1200a

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    What Make and Model mower do you have?

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