Use of starting fluid on small engines

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by fixer67, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Restrorob

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    Same here but I just knock the rear bead on the rim enough for it to hold (without soap) then set it on top of two other tires (stacked without rims) then put my foot in the center of the rim and air it up.

    Ain't no way I'M using starting fluid......:nono:
  2. MowerMedic77

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    Just remember to pull the valve core out(before you hit them with the heat) and not to put your finger over it as the very hot air escapes :hammerhead:

    I have done this more times then I care to remember, very scary but also very effective:laugh:
  3. DiyDave

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    We used to do it with the old ether, but this new crap must be ozone friendly or some other government regulated bs, because it doesn't pop the tire up as hard as the old cans of drydene used to! I went to a home made version of the bead cheater device- I welded a 1-1/2" ball valve to a 7-1/2 gallon tank, put about a 10" length of pipe on the valve, mashed the outer end flat, now I just point at the tire and open the valve and blast the tire onto the bead. Small lawnmower front tires go on the bead and out the door in one flick of the wrist!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    :laugh: Back in the day, when I was going to the Burlington County fire school, we were taught that a gallon of gas was equal to 8 1/2 pounds, and that gasoline was pound for pound equal to dynamite. I don't even want to know what starting fluid is equal to :confused: If you have ever watched the Military channel, then you might have seen what they call a fuel/air explosion
    that are now used as bombs. Go buy a cheetah air tank and you will not have to worry about blowing up :hammerhead:
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  5. khouse

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    Aquanet hair spray works too. This way the tire pops on and not a hair out of place!

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    id be lost without ether to bead my tires, just the other day my velkie wheel came off the rim cause one of the morons drove the lazer into it too hard when parking it on the trailer and blew the tire off...

    spent half an hr with my dinky compressor and rope trying to squeeze it onto the rim, finally found my can of ether and boom, diddnt even have to add air

    id feel better with the compressor at home, but sometimes you have those emergencies....or that weedwacker on its 9999th hour of life that needs a rebuild and wont start any other way

    i need ether with my cat 955 in the cold, its from those days without glow plugs...but granted you gotta know what youre doing as you can really screw stuff up on diesels

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