Use preen with new plantings before you mulch?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Gilla Gorilla, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Gilla Gorilla

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    I just redid the front landscape of my house. I did not use preen when I planted everything but did use about 6 yards of 50/50 screened topsoil/Leaf compost mixture to raise up the height of the bed. Now that I have had the mulch down for about a week there is a TON of little weeds coming up already and this crap is driving me nuts now. When I pulled the old plants out I till the area and pushed the existing good soil up against the front of the house to raise the bed up about 8 inches and get my boxwoods planted that I had. Needless to say there is no weeds coming from the existing soil up against the house just from where I used the other topsoil mixture.

    My question is will preen damage all of my new plants if I put it down now and should I put it down on top of the new mulch?

    If it is any help the plants that I used are Green Velvet Boxwoods, Summer Ice Daphne, Patriot Hostas, Daylillys, Silver Queen Eunomys and a Coral Bark Japanese Maple and dwarf Golden globe cypress's.

  2. cleancutccl

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    I put preen down on all my mulch beds. I usually put a half app down before mulch and then the another half app down on top. I've never had a problem with preen affecting any plantings that were perennials, I've always heard to keep it away from annuals so I've never tested it with them. With your situation just put it down over the top and run a rake through your mulch or just water it in.
  3. Holistic Landscapes

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    I used preen pretty heavily with an annual install of begonias and impatients... nothing happend at all... not as many weeds..... and the flowers look great
  4. o-so-n-so

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    from Alabama
    Messages: 1,218 will be ok. Some weeds will germinate in the mulch...thats why its a good idea to preen before and after mulching.
  5. Gilla Gorilla

    Gilla Gorilla LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yeah I completly forgot to put down any preen before I spread the mulch. I was actually working my own yard into my schedule over the 4th or July weekend plus my daughter had an ear infection so I guess I was already a little bit distracted. LOL
  6. Peach

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    Yeah..preen is fine...use it before mulch, and when I forget I place it on top of mulch. I never thought or heard of before AND after so I'll start doing that now. Customer's LOVE hearing about weed controll and fertilizer...and lots of 'em have heard of, and nod their heards if you mention, Preen. So it's good.

    I'm wondering why the concern re: plant damage. Never seen or heard of such with Preen.

    But I have a question. I've considered Preen to be a pre-emergent. Am I wrong here? Anyway what's wrong with carefully, on a no wind day, spraying those little weeds with Round-Up. Seems to me you'd want to kill them to their roots with a leaf absorbtion herbicide. God forbid these are wire grass, thistle, or some other noxious hard to kill seedlings.

  7. NNJLandman

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    i use preen at my own house never have used it on a customers landscape except for very few commercial clients who request it. But i usually throw it down after I mulch, maybe twice during the growing season, it really helps.


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