used 18-24-12 and got weeds

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by gr42, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. gr42

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    Hello: I put down 18-24-12 Lesco fertilizer approx 4 lbs. per 1000 Sq ft. It was supposed to rain that day but it didn't rain untill the next day. And not much at that. Now I'm getting browning underneath the trees driplines where the roots sucked up all the moisture. Yesterday we got an inch and a half of rain and it looks better. But I'm still worried. Might the grass come back and whats the best approach?

    Also, after fertilizing, weeds weeds everywhere. How soon can I apply a weed and feed, or is there an alternative way to control them?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. dvmcmrhp52

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    Why did you use starter fert? Is this a new lawn?
    Unless you applied it at a rate that is more than the 4 pounds per
    thousand that you stated the rain not coming till the next day should have no effect.When was the last time it was fertilized?
    More info please.
  3. gr42

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    I used starter fert because I asked the guy at lesco his advice. It is an established lawn. I did a weed and feed in early June. I definitely did not go too heavy on the fert. If anything I was on the light side.

    The reason I asked Lesco for advice is that I am new to this and took bad advice to fertilize along with cutting etc... I realize now that each lawn is different and requires individual analysis. I wasn't aware of the intricacies that go along with fertilizing, not to mention the licensing etc... I just want to get out of the year with as little damage as possible, and next year leave the fertilizing to the experts until I do things proper.

  4. GLAN

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    Now if you recently applied that starter fert. You realy can't apply or shouldn't apply another fert for some time. If you do, you would have to apply at 1/2 or less rate. Now there is a problem with that. You want to apply a weed/feed. You would not be applying enough of the weed for it to do anything. Waste of product and not applying to the label.

    I don't see anything wrong with the fert you applied. What I am gathering is that regardless of what fert you use. You have an irrigation problem. The turf is going to need water. Or wait for rains, be patient. Your next fert will be November.

    As far as your weeds are concerned at this time of year. A liquid spray application would be your best bet.

    Regardless, your not certified and should not be spraying.

    Good Luck to you when you take the test.
  5. gr42

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    thanks for the input GLAN. I appreciate your time and advice.
  6. KerryB

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    Sounds like the Lesco guy needed to move some extra starter . lol
    At the rate you stated I agree with everyone else it should not have caused a problem. Did you calibrate your spreader first?
  7. lordohturf

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    There are a few other conditions you need to address to get a
    true idea of what you are facing.

    How dense is the shade? Extremely shaded areas are more sensitive to any treatments or activity. Is this an area you fight with every year? If so, you may need to consider pruning out some of the tree ( not topping! ) to allow more light through or
    planting a ground cover which naturally needs less light. Have a certified arborist do this for you to protect your trees.

    This season has also created problem with surface rooting of turf. Due to excessive rainfall most of the season, turf roots have remained close to the surface. Then a short lack of rain (especially when competing with tree roots) will cause a quick
    browning and thinning of turf.

    Your problems may be more involved than a fertilizer treatment.
    18-24-12 with 50% ppscu would not cause this problem by itself unless overapplied.

    For your weeds you could use 0-0-7 momentum granular.
  8. gr42

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    thanks to all for your advice. I'll keep you posted on what happens.
  9. Ric

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    Please your not suggesting a Lesco Salesman would try a stick someone just to decrease their send backs and increase their year end bonus.


    The starter Fertilizer did what it was made to do, Germinate seeds. True weed seeds. Phosphorus (the middle number) is the element that promotes Germination and good seed come coated with it.
  10. Cheryl

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    Isn't it time to ask gr42 if he has a license? Don't you think he should be talking to his CPO? After all isn't his CPO responsible for his actions?

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