Used Bad Boy Outlaw, Husky m-zt61, or Gravely 260Z?


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Hey guys and gals. Been on here a few years for research but never posted. I'm a homeowner that has 4.5 acres of yard with many trees. I've had a Hustler Raptor 52" for 6yrs and it's been great but it's just too small and slow for as much as I put it through. Wanted to sell while it's still in good and upgrade to a bigger faster used mower.

I'm currently looking at 3 used 60" models near me.

2008 Gravely 260Z with the liquid cooled Kawasaki FD731v.
This looks like a very solid commercial grade mower and it's 1 owner only been used on his personal residence. Just not sure about that liquid cooled engine.

2014 Husqvarna M-ZT61 with Kawasaki FS691v
Original owner residentially mowed. I'm a little worried that the FS691(Current Hustler has the FR691) could be underpowered for a 60" deck? This mower is very nice and clean just don't understand why he's selling so cheap for the specs.

Older Bad Boy Outlaw XP Looks to be a Kawasaki FX engine
This thing has one of those ugly huge wings on the back. Seems to be a solid mower but I don't know about the components and the price seems to be a little high for the age although I don't know the exact year.

I'm really leaning towards the Gravely or Husky. The Husky is low enough hrs that I think it will be a solid mower at least for a while with no issues.

The Gravely has suspension seat and is definitely built like a commercial grade mower but the liquid cooled engine is what I'm not as sure about.

Any advice would be awesome because there doesn't seem to be much info out there on the Gravely or this model Husky.


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Well I got no feedback but in case anyone else is looking at something similar I thought I'd share my experience.

The Husky M-ZT61 was really nice but an entry level commercial and is sold the day before I called to go look at it.

The Bad Boy Outlaw was a beast of a mower but it was also sold when I called even though the ad had still been up for some time.

I ended up driving 2hrs one way to buy the 2008 Gravely 260Z XDZ. It is a beast of a mower! Coming from a guy that only mows my own lawn and occasionally helps a friend and have some friends with nice mowers, this thing was a great buy for the money!

It has 400hrs on it and I paid $3,500. It makes my Hustler raptor look like a baby and it was only used on a private property by the original owner. It's incredibly clean and everything works great. It can mow circles around my Hustler which was expected and doesn't put near the abuse on my body. Between the larger tires, heavier weight, floating front axle, and air suspension seat it really is a pretty decent ride. Should cut my mowing time in half on my 4.5 acres. So far I'm super happy with it.

My only complaint is the deck lift is SO heavy. It takes all I've got to raise the deck with the foot pedal. The pedal isn't at a great angle for leverage and I'm a shorter guy which doesn't help. I've tightened the adjustment on tension on the left assist spring as tight as it goes and it doesn't help. Any recommendations on a tighter spring to help lighten the load would be awesome!

If you can also pick up one of these older 260Z's still with low hrs and for a good price, I would highly recommend it!


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Glad you found and bought something you like. Without some sort of a price reference like kbb its had to know if you paid a fair price, or what..


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Glad you found and bought something you like. Without some sort of a price reference like kbb its had to know if you paid a fair price, or what..
Exactly. I looked up used ones for sale and found the exact same units with similar hrs for $7,500 all the way down to high hr units as low as $2,000.

Considering I sold my little residential hustler raptor for $2,000 and bought this residentially owned, 400hr super clean one and only paid $1,500 difference out of my pocket I'm tickled. The build quality, ride, speed, and cut quality at faster speeds don't even compare to the little hustler. It was a great little mower but this 260 is a different animal. And considering everything you can get in one of these older 260z's for the money is a great deal compared to the newer gravely models or anything else on the same commercial level.

I just hope it holds up and I don't have issues for many years down the road. If I do ill be sure to come back and update this post.


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Is there room to add a second spring or could you relocate where the spring hooks? Can you move the pedal to a different position or move the seat forward so you don't have to reach as far for the pedal?

My Scag tiger cat has a heavy deck lift too. It's not so much the weight that bothers me but my foot will hurt from using it. Instead of having a flat pedal I have a peg. I looked for places to relocate the spring to (as Weeze suggested that can be done on a Scag Cheetah), but there is no where to do so on the tiger cat. No room to add a second spring either. So for now I took an old rubber floor mat and cut a strip off of it and wrapped it several times around the peg and that has helped. With that I don't need to push the pedal as far anymore either. So maybe you could shim yours in a similar fashion so you don't have to push out so far.