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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by tallcoopscoach, Aug 12, 2007.

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    i just got a used super z and i love it but i don't have a bagger or a mulch kit... i believe i need one or ther other... will the mulch kit truly pulverize the leaves in the fall every time so i can't see them? or, should i try to find a bagger? the baggers are a ton... anyone know or have a used one or know where to look for one? i have seen the protero pro vac, the type with an engine on it, and then the hustler... i think 1400 + is too much though for a collection unit so i wondered what the consensus is... used collection or new mulch kit... i don't have the new deck, but that hasn't mattered... these are great mowers!

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    Hey, I have mulch kits for the 60 inch super z, and the 48 inch hydro, and the 36 inch hydro, if your interested. They are used but lightly and in great shape
  3. tallcoopscoach

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