Used BLUEBIRD 530 Lawn Aerator.....good price or not...?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by levithan9, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. levithan9

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    Hi again everyone.

    While at work today, i went to the rental dept. at HOME DEPOT. They had a BLUEBIRD 530 Lawn Aerator FOR SALE for $750. it looked to be in good condition. It has a 4 or 5 HP Honda engine on it. I think the time to aeriate is over, but it would be a great addition to all my other lawn equipment.

    I'm in the Houston, Tx area, and to be honest, in all my 25+ years of living here, i have never seen ANY lawn being aeriated down here. My brother, who lives in Iowa, says that aeriating is a big thing up where he lives, where home owners actually give a s--t about how their lawn looks, but dosn't think that the cheap a-- people down here actually understand what aeriating can do for their lawn.

    So, would it be a good purchase at this time of the season or not.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. topsites

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    If the price is right it's always a good purchase, so what if it's a seasonal item?
    I think core aeration is nationwide, you may not be in the right neighborhoods for it, or maybe you don't see it because you don't do it yourself...
    It's not an every day thing like lawn mowing, once a year per lawn, that's it, so as a rare event there's another reason you might not see it.
    But for the money it's win-win, it helps the lawn which if you cut it also helps you lol.
    You just have to line up enough for the season, I usually earn 2-3g's a year with this little aeration side thing, I've heard stories of solos grossing 5-6g in a month just aerating lol (but I also think that's nuts, still it goes to show).

    One thing you need to check is how wide it is, you want as wide as you can get for 750, I paid 1,000 for my Classen TA-24 (used). They're good machines in that there's not much to them, in 6+ years I've had to drop maybe 4-500 into it in ways of stuff breaking, but it's not often it breaks and it's a simple design most of the time it's a belt or a spark plug or a tine.

    You do have to change the trans oil in it, that's probably the biggest brain buster, or if you have to tear it all apart, but it's all nuts and bolts no funny torx crap or stuff you can't reach etc... Really simple machines, I wish more stuff was made this way (otoh it does wear you out good lol).
  3. levithan9

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    the aeriating width is 19 inches, and the depth can be set up to a max of 3 inches.

    Here ia the website that lists all the specs....

    click AERIATORS on the left side, then select the 530 for the full specs
  4. bill8379

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    For such a simple machine I just scratch my head trying to figure out how they can charge so much for a brand new bluebird aerator. Around here it's about $2800. So I would jump at the $750 sale.
  5. levithan9

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    The unit is NOT NEW. It's for sale in the TOOL RENTAL DEPT of HOME DEPOT. Thats why I was asking if it was a good price or not. It's been used by everyone who knows that aerating is good for your lawn.

    But like i said.....not many people down here have it done to their yard.
  6. Smith Lawn & Landscaping

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    If its in good condition i would jump all over it in a heartbeat. Buy it, mention aeration in your advertising and explain to customers what it does sell your services to them and in no time you will have made your money back or even doubled it. good luck
  7. Jay Ray

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    There has been so much rain here that the ground is really mushy. imho the good from a fall aeration would have been undone by all the water in many lawns for about 10 weeks now. I don't know if people sense this or not, but a wet winter is the byword here.

    I've only seen centipede respond well to aeration but don't have much experience with it, not a lot of demand for it.

    For $750 you almost can't hardly go wrong.
  8. cgaengineer

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    I good price, a place local sells them for around $600-$650 but you would pay freight so $750 sounds good.
  9. CO Aerating

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    cgaengineer I know you posted like 5 years ago but if you see this, I would be interested in what place you were referring to when you said you knew somewhere that sold them for $600-$650. Thanks!
  10. rppaving

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    How do you price aerating, im gonna start doing it in the spring but i was wondering how i give a quote for it, also should i buy/rent a motorized machine or simply buy/rent a push aerator?
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