"Used car salesman"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassyfras, Feb 21, 2005.

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    OK next door neighbors friend. I have done leaf clean-up a few times for. All ways asking if I can do better on price. I say no. Go on and do the job. Calls for a wall estimate at one time thats maybe 20 feet long 1 foot high. Ends up getting someone else to do. Few weeks later asks for an estimate for a leaf job that my buddies helping with. I tell him like 80 or so. He says what if you just do the back and one side. or just do the front and this. Im trying to itemize in my head trying to be fair with the guy. End up lowest price 60 bucks, SHOULD OF NEVER BUDGE ON PRICE OR ITEMIZED JOB FOR HIM. He says"I feel like im deeling with a couple of used car salesmen." We laughed it off told him call another company wont get a cheaper price we have work to do this is our lowest price if you do it right now otherwise were out of here. We get in the truck he stops us and says go ahead and do it and starts pouting almost. Really weird. SO we do it. A few weeks later he asks me to drop of an estimate. I put an estimate in his mailbox and he calls several days later for me to go ahead and do it. I never did it. I just dont think I could work for the guy again. I probbly should of called him back but just didnt bother.
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    That's a good lesson in Business 101. Never, let me repeat, NEVER do work for neighbors, at least not good ones.

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