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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by fastweig, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. fastweig

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    I'm a homeowner with about 4 acres to mow around the house. I've been getting by for years with a JD lawn tractor and pull a 60" trailmower behind that to give me a 100" cut path. Works fine on the wide open spaces but I'm planting more trees and other landscaping obstacles that are just making this too slow.

    I want to move to a zero turn but am afraid to go with anything other than a commercial model. My question is does it make since for a homeowner to purchase a used commercial mower with 1000 to 1500 hours on it and use it for my residential needs? I'll probably put way less than 100 hours on it a year and would think I could keep it running a very long time.

    I was specifically looking at the JD 737 and 757 models.

    I figured you pros would have some good advice on this.

  2. hdtvluvr

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    Well, I'm a homeowner with 3.5 acres to cut. I purchased a 60" commercial grade Dixie Chopper when I bought the house in 2004. I also have a JD 111 with 36" deck. I use the JD for pulling a sprayer, spreader, dump cart and occasionally use it to mow an area under some trees. I usually let this area go wild in the spring since it has some pretty flowers. When it is time to cut these down there are usually a lot of limbs hidden by the flowers and I don't use the big mower to mow over them.

    Anyway, the mower was purchased early spring of 2004. We had a drought last year and it wasn't used every week. I haven't used it this year but I have 128 hours on it. So for 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 (4 years), that works out to 32 hours per year.

    You may be putting 100 hours per year on your lawn tractor but a zero turn will cut you mowing time tremendously.

    If I had it to do again, I would still purchase a commercial grade zero turn. One should probably get at least 2000 hours out of one if the maintenance is performed routinely. Regarding a used mower, depending on how it was maintained it may be a good deal. I'd ask to look at maintenance records if they were available.
  3. fastweig

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    Thanks hdtvluvr, I was putting 60-70 hours a year on my lawn tractor but I think your are right in that should go down with the ZTR.

    I am thinking used simply for economic reasons. It's hard to stomach the price of new in the commercial line when i'm not using it to generate any revenue. And I'm afraid to get a residential model because I can see they aren't built as well and don't have the higher end engines in them. I keep thinking a used commercial should outlast the ones they sell in lowes/depot.

    I suck at buying things... Thanks for the imput.
  4. LarryF

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    Might be easier to stomach the price if you consider how much you would be paying weekly to have someone else cut your 4 acres.:) I suspect it might be in excess of a couple of hundred.
  5. wushaw

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    I have 12 acres that is fairly wooded and most doesn't get mowed weekly and some places only twice a year.
    I have a 3yo 61" Grasshopper that has 83hrs on it, I like my time off the mower more than time on the mower, I will have this mower many years.
  6. fastweig

    fastweig LawnSite Member
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    Yes me too. Thats why I want to move to the ZTR. I guess my question is with that kind of annual light duty on a commercial mower, does it make sense to get a used one with 1000 or so hours already on it and save four or five grand?

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