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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by LCPullman, May 19, 2008.

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    It is worth around $17,900.00 in our area if in good shape and A/C works.
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    I've had lots of the Series 1 JD 270's and they are a great machine. I think the 2002 is a better machine than the 1999 through 2001 as Deere kept improving the early production bugs. The one you found looks expensive to me.
    There are a lot of problems to watch out for.
    The worst and most expensive common problem that I run into is the parking brake, if it does not work, it is a very expensive problem, both sides should lock up with the brake working properly. Very common.
    You should run your s/n thru the dealer history warranty and service files, if there was ever a circuit board problem then the hour meter gets replaced with the board. Very common.
    Seatbelt switches go bad frequently, that will apply the parking brake while you are driving around, thus more parking brake failures. Very common.
    Axle seals, oil running down the inside of the wheel is a good sign that the axle seal has been ripped up and needs replaced. I have had several.
    Radiator solder joints let go so the top tank is loose and needs re soldered or replaced. Very common.
    The 14 x 17.5 tires are the best size to have on the 270 (better ground clearance, more durable for the weight of the machine) but they are very expensive, if you need to replace them.
    Don't get the wrong idea, the JD 270 is a workhorse, probably the strongest loader arms in the business. These are the problems that I encounter and I can come up with a list for just about any machine. I look for the JD 270's and have had more of them than most wholesalers.
    You might find some useful hints on my website. where I post my own methods of checking machines for purchase.
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    Thanks for the info and your informative site.

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