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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by jheady, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. jheady

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    Where would I look or find pricing and value on used equipment? I am interested in several commerical mowers for my own lawn, so I am not really in the market or field on what the equipment is really worth. Is there a book or website that has this information where I can look up different brands by model and year to see what they would "book" for today?

    Thank you for any information you may be able to provide.

  2. I'd guess the classified ad's in your local paper would be the best source.
    Dont know of a "blue book " as for autos but you might want to follow bids on e-bay for an online price check.

    Also used equipment forum on this site.
  3. jheady

    jheady LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Bob. I have been checking out the local papers and ebay to get an idea of prices, but I wanted to see if anyone knew of a "blue book" list.

    Thanks again for your help,

  4. HarryD

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    what mowers are ya looking at make , model , year and hours
  5. Martino

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    Hi jheady:

    Dealers in Ohio and Michigan who join the dealer association have access to an OPE Blue Book. I'm not sure if it comes with membership or if they must buy it. Don't know if you are far enough north in KY to visit an Ohio dealer, but maybe a phone call to one might get some of your questions answered.
  6. jheady

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    I am looking at pretty much everything on the market. I have some experience with the Howard Price Blazers and some limited access on a Scag mower, but I am open on choice. I don't really have any experience on a ZTR type of mower, other than the ones with the actual steering wheel. I have always been able to drive anything I have gotten on though, so that isn't a problem for me.
    I have been seriously considering a Gravely PM400 that is near me. I have found out that it is a 95 model, but only has 575 hours on the diesel motor. It is a 72" shaft driven deck, 30hp yanmar, and in pretty good shape overall. The guy told me he would consider an offer between $4 - 6k, but I think that is high.
    I am pretty fortunate that I am in a area (just outside of Louisville) that has a great selection of mower dealers, and I am just starting to look at some new mowers too. Exmark, Scag, Toro, Kubota, JD, Cub, Dixie, Dixon, and Gravely dealers are all within 30-40 miles from my house. New would be great, but I have no problem with buying a used one if it is in good shape. I just don't have any recent experience with the mower market or an idea what some of the used units are worth.



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