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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Juice, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Juice

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    I found some used Equipment online and wanted to get some advice on it. I am a part timer. I currently have a backpack, trimmers, weedwhacker (all residential Echo), roto tiller and a Ford Ranger. I have managed to pick up enough work to pull in anywhere from $500-$1000 a month. I have been looking to pick up a small mower and I ran accross this list for sale for $900

    Selling Landscape Equipment for $900 or BO

    1. 36 Inch Ransome Bobcat Mower with extra blades and Velke, needs new bag
    2. Utility Trailer - New Fulton Jack and New Suspension Installed 7-06
    3. MTD - 5 h.p. Chipper Shredder - Briggs & Stratton Motor
    4. Bolens Edger 3.5 hp - Briggs & Stratton Motor
    5. 22" Weedeater Excaliber Hedge Clipper
    6. Ryobi Weed Wacker
    7. 14" Homelight Chain Saw
    8. McCulloch BackPack Blower
    9. Homelight Handheld Blower
    10. One Landscape Barrel, Two Regular Barrels
    11. Two Oversized Tarps
    12. Wheel Barrel
    13. 20' Ladder
    14. Rakes, etc.

    This guy was also a part timer and no longer has the time. I realize most of this is residential equipment but I thought the mower may be worth it.

  2. Vikings

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    Sounds like a bunch of crap from a real life scrub, even the trailer. If it had new suspension put on it I can only imagine how old it must be. Not sure about the mower but if you only have $500 a month in work put a 21" on the back of your ranger. OR take that $900 and put a down payment on a Quick 36. You can put that on your Pick up as well.

    Look at this.
  3. Juice

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    Thank you! I never thought about the speed. Good Point. Thanks again
  4. topsites

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    You may have mostly a homeowner's line but at least you got Echo, that in itself puts you one step ahead.
    Nothing to feel ashamed of, I have 3-4 things I don't use full time so they're homeowner line, but they're stihl's...
    Same thing really.

    Now Ryobi is so-so but Homelite?
    No way lol that stuff is so cheap, they are absolutely worthless unless your lawn is the size of a doll house's and I ain't kidding.

    So as far as I'm concerned there exist only two mowers in the world I would recommend to someone who isn't quite ready for the $3-4000 splurge:

    1) A decent used Toro 44"-52" w/ velke for $1000
    > The problem with these is they're hard to find, a very rare beast, more so if it's in any kind of shape.
    But, one of these, if you can find it, is an awesome deal for the money, there is no better Wb than a T-bar gear drive for the money.
    2) The Q36
    > I find this economical mower to be one of few whose mfg's first put some real technology into it that makes it stand out from the rest, second they stand behind their product 110%, I mean you will not find a mfg who supports their product like these guys do.

    So either get a decent used toro, or if you don't know much about them and you want to save yourself the time and the headaches involved in buying used, then get the Q36 which comes with a warranty.
    Either will likely last you 5-6 maybe 8-10 or more years, thereabouts, hard to say for sure, depends on hours / year etc, etc.
  5. lawnpro724

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    Most of that equipment won't hold up if you get busy. I would instead look for a good used commercial 36" and buy new backpack and trimmer like Echo or Stihl.

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