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I'm looking for a used 52" Toro Hydro WB and would like some help. Anyone know of a good place to look on the Web? I already know about, and check that everyday. I live in Tennessee. I appreciate the help.


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I think I got this from Retro - I know he has two or three he checks out. Hope this helps.


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hi there-<br>Most of the mowers I have are used; I mow on a part time basis for the last 5 yrs. due to health ins. for my family, but hopefully we will go full time this spring with the good Lord's help.<br>Some places to look are the classifeds, in your town & in big cities nearby. Also look in the 'wheeler dealer' magazine / public.'s too; they are a good source. It depends alot on if you are full time or part time, if this will be your 'big mower' or just a mid size or backup mower, etc. <br>If you are full time, & have been for a few yrs. I think you should buy new; if you're part time like me, & can't afford new, be absolutely sure you buy a GOOD used mower, pref. with low hrs., good maint., & check how bad they beat it. If most of the paint is scraped off the deck from hitting things, or been covered up by paint(easy to spot), bald tires, look elsewhere. If you can find out who used it, that's important, too.<br>Hopefully you can find one the owner used; crews are hard on equip. cause they don't care- it's not theirs.<br>Used can be great as long as it's still got life left in it; also check dealers for demo units or trade ins! Good luck.<br>Smitty ô¿ô


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likestomow--where in TENNESSEE are you. I bow to all of those in my home state. home of the mocking bird, the tulip poplar and the VOLUNTEERS!<p>GEO


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Central CT
There is a used toro 61 inch z rider in our paper (connecticut) for 2000 e-mail me off forum if you are interested.<p>Bill


A source for equipment that you do not use on a regular basis can be rental yards. Things that you may only use a few times per year can be purchased for the cost of X rentals. <p>Check wit your local U haul rental outlet. Many have regional sales houses for the used stuff. Ours just had an ad running for Ryan areators, DeThatchers, and Troy biult tillers. I called, as a tiller and de-thatcher are things that I don't use all that often. An out of state buyer grabbed them all up. I asked prices, and was shocked. I would more than likely gone out there immediatly, money in hand. <p>Disclaimer- I am not suggesting that you purchase a primary piece of equipment from a rental yard. I would only purchase backup or occasional use items from them.


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If you're going to buy a Toro hydro, get a 1998 or newer. The older hydro units used a different valve, which made the units much &quot;jumpier&quot; and just not pleasing to use.<p>You can tell the difference because the newer ones have the T-bar bend down on a 45* instead of straight 90*.


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I believe it is called a Kalleveg (spelling?) valve. It is a nice feature, if your mower is too responsive, or not responsive enough, you adjust it accordingly. Also, since the weight and responsiveness would change, you can adjust the valve if you change decks.&lt;p&gt;John<br>