Used Exmark Good Or Bad ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawns2nv, Apr 5, 2002.

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    I'm looking to buy a used WB, I found a used Exmark Metro 36" WB. I believe its a 95 comes with a metal grass bag and is in good condition. it has 12.5 Kaw. engine, it was sapposily used for a small mowing operation. 1. what do i look for when buying a used mower 2. is the 12.5 Kaw. a good engine 3. what is a fair price to pay, i believe they want $1200 ? 4. does Exmark make a mulching kit i can install for this kind of older machine ?
    Thanks :}
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    I have a ~95 eXmark with a 12.5 hp Kawasacki. It has a fixed 48" deck on it. The whole thing although was very used when I got it has been excellent. I started the year using it only as a back up to a newer different brand but finally parked the new one and started using the eXmark all the time. I do think $1,200 is quite a bit for it though.
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    i think that is too high for a 95.. you can get a brand new one with a 15 kohler for 1999 in most places.

    you have no idea the true hour count on them since there is no hour meter. make sure the tranmission is smooth engaging and all gears work. check that all grease fittings are actually there and appear to be greased regularly. take the front caster assemblies off and look for wear on the shafts.

    you can get a mulch kit, you just have to give the dealer the serial # off the mower to get the right kit.

    the 12.5 kawi is a good motor if it's been maintained.

    i'd offer them 900 and not over 1000.
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    Try fishing for information on how many accounts he has, if he bought in new etc. That might help determine usage. Also call your dealer they should have a blue book value. I have a 36 snapper 1995 and a 32 exmark 1997 and am having a hard time getting $850.00 for them.

    I would not pay over $850.00 even if is in great shpe.

    Kevin Total Landscaping

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