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Used Exmark Laser

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<<This is also posted in the commercial Section>>

I'm a homeowner with about 4 acres of lawn and field to mow. I want to get a commercial mower and have been visiting my local dealers today. At a minimum, I want a 52" deck with the appropriate HP to handle the deck. I've looked at Deere, Scag, Gravely, Cub Cadet and Exmark. I'd like to stay as close to the $6500 mark as possible.

Both the Deere and Scag seemed over priced. The Gravely and Exmarks are beautiful but expensive. The Cub Cadet looks good enough and is priced right.

But...... the was also a used Exmark at the dealership. It is a Laser Z with a 60" deck and the 27 hp liquid cooled Kawi. It has 250 hours on it and was a repossession by the dealer. It looks really clean- no repair welds visible, deck looks good. They are asking $6600 for it. How is this for a price? The hours seem low for a commercial unit so I'm feeling pretty comfortable with the price when compared to new, lesser mowers. If I don't go for this, I'm leaning towards the new Cub Cadet M54 (23 kawi, 54" deck), priced at $5950 (0% financing).

Before I get a bunch of other suggestions, these are the only dealers in the area, except for Kubota. Yes, I wish I had a Hustler Mini Z to look at, but the nearest dealer is 80 miles from me.

All the mowers I looked at are more than I need, so any of them will do just fine. But being able to get the best of the best (Exmark) at an affordable price, is very tempting. Even though the Exmark is used, I doubt I'll put 200 hours on it over the next 10 years, which is still well within it's expected lifetime.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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Welcome to the forum.

Than unit has a list price new of around $9900. At 250 hours it's barely broke in. I'm not an expert on used equipment pricing but if you want my opinion that's a very good deal.

Good luck

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