used Exmark Lazer

Bill Davis

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I am thinking about selling my Exmark Lazer ZHP. It has been used for 1 and a half seasons. It has the 23 hp Kawasaki, 52 inch deck, mulch kit, four sets of blades, canister air filter, striping kit, 330 hours, and has been absolutely babied by my Dad and I. I need a price on what I can get for it because Im thinking about getting a 60" Thanks Yall.


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Good decision to move to a 60. I feel it is one of the best deck sizes for a z. I'm not sure about price, I would start with the lowest price it was advertised last year and take around a thousand off that price. A guess would be 5000 or slightly less to move it fast.

Hope this helps


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I was at my Exmark dealer and he had a "Blue book" on lawnmower prices. Don't remember just what the title of it was, but maybe ask your dealer what he thinks it worth. Not what he'd give you on a trade-in, but what he'd think you should ask for it. Go to E-bay and do a search. There's always someone selling a Z and you could compare what's for sale and what it sold for to what you've got. Not being in a hurry to sell will let you hold out for your price. Good luck.