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Hello, just registered and wanted to get everyone's opinion on a mower I'm going to look at this weekend. I'm a new homeowner with appx 2 acres to cut, which I'm currently doing with a 21inch push mower. :cry:

I want a walk-behind because I'm contemplating starting a small mowing business next spring on a part-time basis. My community is growing at an astounding rate with many developments. The normal yard size is 1/2 to 2 acres.

The mower is a 60" Exmark Turf Tracer hydro with a Kohler 18hp. The mower was used commercially and has 1200hrs on it. I do not know exactly what year the mower is.

So I have the following questions. Thanks in advance for answering, the folks on this site are very helpful.

1. What is the normal life expectancy of a commercial engine on a walk-behind if well maintaned? I'm on a limited budget and want something reliable. Is this the ticket....or too many hours?

2. Is a 60" too big? I've used a buddy's 50" Gravely gear drive wb and loved it. But is the 60" too much for the main mower of a one man business?

3. Trailering: Is the 60" gonna be too big to trailer on say a single axle utility trailer?

Let me know what ya think.

Thanks Again!!

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1)If it has been maintaned properly it may last another 1000-1500
hours but if not could go tommorow.I would personally look for less hours but that's just me.
2)For the property sizes you mentioned a 60 is not too big.
3)It will fit on a single axle trailer with no problem as long as it is a 6' wide trailer.(2990 GVW on the trailer.)
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