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    I had a friend ask me if i was interested in purchasing 2 used exmarks last week. One was a 72" and the other 60", liquid cooled engines; both w/ about 1900 hours on each. They looked like they were in decent shape, but they are getting pretty old. I have a couple right now and had to put in hydro pumps every time a mower would hit 2000 hrs. How much would you be willing to pay for something like this. Do think i would be better off just getting them brand new?
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    I would say it all depends on how well they were maintained. My first two ztr mowers were Exmarks, one with 1500 hours on it, bought it for I believe $3500. Bought another one last year with the hour meter reading over 2000 hrs., but it's broken, so who knows how many actual hours are on it. Bought it for $2500. We re-ringed both and they run even better, and that will also add some more life to them. Never have had too many problems with them. I did buy a new ExMark in May and the old Exmark with 2000+ hrs is now a back up. Hope this helps.

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