used hydros?


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I am in the process of looking to buy a new mower. In the past I had purchased a used Scag belt drive and had no problems. I am a smaller operation, one man 42 accounts. I want a hydro walk behind. I see a few used hydros in the paper for sale. If I were to go that route(probably not for my primary mower, I want a new one)for a back up, what are some things to look for.I have no exp. with hydros.What should I look for? Is it better to stay away from used hydros? Thanks for the help.


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Test mow with a new model of the version you are looking at. If the used one feels the same (no vibrations or odd sounds) then go for it. Even if you have to replace a pump you may be out $400. I doubt you could go wrong with a used hydro mower unless it is over $2500.

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