Used imazapyr 4 sl in spring

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ed2hess, Dec 19, 2018.

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    It looks like Turflon has been discontinued at this site. Replaced by "Remedy". You don't need much. Cost is about $1.13 per thousand sqft.
    For brush control they suggest mixing it with 2,4-D low-volatile ester.

    On the other hand, at the same site, "Crossbow" offers the Turflon and 2,4-D ester already mixed.
    Looks like about $1.79 per thousand sqft.

    Local advice is better. I am 2000 miles from you. Cold here.
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    Triclopyr is very hard on Bermuda. Many people use it to help kill Bermuda in fescue. If you aren’t worried about the Bermuda at all, it would work, but Unless you want to smoke the Bermuda it wouldn’t be good.
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    Mowed it today...



    Got Lesco 3-way......will use that on this area after waiting to see if the msm/mso/ru/simazine does any thing.
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    That is what I applied and last year this area was torched loooking now this year got thistle break through. I applied the imazapyl at 6ounces per acre when it was hot--couple years ago.
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    Canada thistle is really hard to kill once it's well established. The most effective time to hit it is late in the season when it's preparing for dormancy and I think in your area that window is probably now.

    You aren't looking at a thousand plants but a handful of them with a thousand shoots. Spray them during the season and you just burn the tops down, new shoots sprout up from the massive root system. Hit them now and you'll be spraying them when they are busy moving carbs down into the roots, taking the herbicide down too.

    If the site is appropriate clopyralid, ie Confront and a few other products, would do a good number on it. Other herbicides with soil activity like dicamba and sulfentrazone will help if mixed in.

    I've had good success mixing a triclopyr 3 way with quinclorac and sulfentrazone but this mix would harm bermuda, if any of it's still alive after the imazapyr nuke.
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    I sprayed the edge along the sidewalk two weeks ago with Finale and that has pretty much killed the thistle.


    As soon as get a break in rain I will test Lesco 3-Way on a section that I couldn't mow due to slope. I am interested in how it works in cool weather. I know speedzone would knock this down but I continue to look for low cost solutions.
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    Have you asked your supplier about 24d ester products? There are cheaper options than speedzone. Weedone is one I've seen around for around $50/2.5 gal jug.

    The amine is going to suck when it's cold out. Cheaper products are great when they work, but what's the total cost when you include labor because you had to go back and do it again?

    If all you have available with good cool weather chemicals is speed zone spray the damn speed zone. Folks wouldn't be pushing esters over amines in cool weather without a reason, no one would be complaining about the amine products they already purchased if they were effective.

    You could probably find a thistle in your backyard to spray with a 24d amine product to verify how much it sucks when it's cold out without wasting the time and chemicals to do it on a large site like that.
  8. ed2hess

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    The only source of good information is you guys on lawn site. I understood from previous post that I needed a 24d ester. Site one guy said all they had was the amine so I took it for use when temperature gets 70 - 80. I am going to test the 24d amine in a back pack at 60F to see what happens. I thank you for pointing me to Weedone. Have you used this with Simazine?
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    Outlets that cater to lawn people generally do not have 2,4-D ester. One of the good things about having the seed corn reaserch companies in Hawaii is the ready availability of 6 lb 2,4-D ester. Vendors that service AG have ester.
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    Never used Simazine, I live in a cool season area and it would wreck my lawns. :laugh:

    I think there is a Nutrien supplier in your area, look them up and pay them a visit.

    I'm only speaking from personal experience but our Siteone has a crappy selection of chemicals. Nutrien, an ag supplier, has a great stock and are happy to sell to anyone. From my experience the staff is also friendly and happy to offer advice once you get to know them.

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