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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Patriots, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Patriots

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    I have seen a few posts on here of guys buying used NPR's from Lowes, Home Depot ... etc. I have checked websites and so on, and cannot find anything on buying their used trucks - anyone have any tips or leads.

  2. bubbazx11

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    check out ebay

    LANDSCAPER30 LawnSite Member
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    Up Until A Year Ago I Had A Used Npr (1996) And You Want To Talk About Junk. From Electrical And Motor Problems, This Thing Was A Nightmare. For Hauling Light Loads Across Town No Problem. However, When You Start Hauling 3-4 Tons Of Stone In It And Its Going To The Next Town, It's Terrible. Just Really Depends On What You Intend To Use It For. I Saw The Words "npr" And I Had Flashbacks!!! Good Luck
  4. LawnsRUsInc.

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    Landscaper that is also a 1996 which is 10 yrs old could that been some of the problem?

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