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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by hansenke, Jun 4, 2001.

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    I'm not a commercial landscaper, just a home owner with a lot (4.5 acres) of property to mow. I currently have a Cub Cadet 2185 that is ok but it seems like it isn't made for the hours I put on it. Other than mowing, I use it for pulling the yard cart around.

    Since it take 4+ hours to cut my lawn and the terrain is somewhat rough and hilly in spots, I'm thinking of getting a used commercial grade mower. A local JD dealership has a F725 with 54" deck and 1600 hours on it asking $3200. It this a lot of hours? How about the price? It started fine and ran smoothly, so it seemed to be in decent condition. The deck looked a little banged up, with some repair welds visible but I didn't test it.

    I don't have a lot of trees, so I don't think that I need a ZTR. The front mount mowers seem like they would be maneuverable enough and I would be able to still use the yard cart. Should I be considering any other brands?

    Your thoughts and experience are appreciated.

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    Hey hansenke
    I am a small lawn mowing company and from what u have said, 1600 hours seems somewhat high, but if u just use the F725 like once a week im sure that shouldn't be a problem. Though u might have to watch out for any clutches going out, or bad belts, but thats common with that many hours on it.
    If u wanted to get a productive mower id say go with a ZTR. U said that u dont have many trees to go around, your F725 is great at going around trees and getting underneith things but u mostly have wide open areas. ZTR's are very quick in wide open areas, faster than the 725, i have a Scag Turf Tiger 52inch cut, it is very fast 10mph in the wide open areas with a great cut, but takes some time going around trees with it. So if i were u, id maybe look around a bit before settling on that JD. U would be surprised at how cheap some mowers are with less hours on or even a brand new one. But i would stick with commercial mowers for that big of a yard. Or maybe a used JD 425 or 445 with a 60inch deck, u can mow and pull whatever.
    Just my thought
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    The first commerical mower that we bought was a JD F725 and we ran it for more than eight years and loved it. That is not all that many hours and since you are using it for yourself I think that it has a lot of life left in it. Just My two cents
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    I have heard 2000 hours to be considered the average end of an engine. But like stated before - belts go, things start breaking. If you look around - deals pop up here and there. For instance - I bought a 61" Scag - hydro unit and sulky with a brand new engine for $1000. I even got an extra deck. It was a steal - but you have to look. I use - That is where I find my deals. Remember dealers are getting their cut - so cut out the middle man.
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    If you work on your own equipment, a tradition ZTR such as my SCAG turf tiger is much convenient to work on. Just look at the location of the pumps, motors etc of the JD725 next to a normal ZTR. The difference is enough to change your mind if other factors are close. After doing a little leg work trying to find a good used mower, I found most professional cutters traded-in the pure old front style (ie two JD 725's and a Ford )for mid mount ZTR's (in my area SCAGs and Exmarks are big). I finally gave up and bought new, but there are good used ones if you shop hard.
  6. mowin'man

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    JD 425, 445, or 455, check out all-wheel steering.
    That gives as tight a turn circle as a front mount and you get to
    pull your cart too.

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