Used Kubota KX 121-2

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by turfquip, Aug 13, 2007.

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    A local seller has (2) KX 121-2 Excavators. They look to be in good shape overall, undercarriages appear to have plenty of hours left - see photos below.

    The paint is scratched up and the canopies have a few dents in them. They each have an 18" pin on bucket, pattern changer, both start and run smooth. The hours are 2,057 and 2,385.

    I know there are a lot of additional considerations besides those mentioned but what about price? He's looking for $18,900 each.

    Is this reasonable?
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    Ive been looking for a 121 but its a bit heavy to pull with a f 350 .The pics of the tracks look better then the Yanmar VIO 35 I am looking at. The vio was going for 19900 its a 2003 with a 2300 hrs. I think i will pay 18000 for the VIO 35 because it the best EX Ive seen in NY and i have 15000 worth of digging to do in the next few months. Im out of time , starting monday i have to pay 1100 a week for rental . I can get a gray market VIO 30 for 13000 with new tracks (6500lb) 26000 hrs but its small and i cant find a manual for it .I think its a crap shoot and you need a little luck.The kx 121 is nice but i need a 0Tail swing and i have a yanmar dealer 1/2 hr from the house. The guys on the site dont seem to like the yanmar ! if I wanted to buy new i would look at a deer or cat kabota but there arent much in my price range used. I think if you buy a used EX and in dosent iesplode when you get it you have a good deal .I like the yanmar It feels good to me.I like the kabota i have rented a kx61 kx91 kx121 and they work good. I think a 8000 9000 lb EX in good shape is worth 16500 but you mite have to pay 18000 to get one today! The market is droping fast and the EX are sitting around every where in NY .There are allot of guys siting home with the diggers in the yard. I use mine my self for small jobs I dont work for builders ,i dig up work my self . John

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