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    Up for grabs is a 14' trailor ($800), 36" Ransomes Bobcat ($400), and a 48" Scag with a blown motor; I think; ($250). I also have a Stihl straight shaft edger with new blade ($100). Buying a 27' Cheoy Lee sailboat as well as upgrading to hydro. I'm in need of a 60" ZTR Bobcat, and a 48" hdro WB-Bobcat. Also will be looking for a deal on a 16' trailor. Will sell or trade for any prior mentioned equipment. I will say the equipment is old and was used for my first year in business. I had thirty accounts last year (my first year) and made just under $20,000 with this equipment. The 36" Bobcat was erected from several mowers and the engine was roughly new when I purchased it in May of 2005 (200hrs). The original handles were worn out and replaced twice with the pot metal type offered by dealers which also tend to break rather easily. There is expected rust on muffler as well as deck. I replaced one spindle and would recommend replacing the other. I purchased the 48" Scag around Nov. of 2006 and used it for one season. On the last mow of the season, I hit a hidden rock in a bad way and I think it may have wrecked the mower engine. I have yet to service the engine but am able to replace the engine with new 14hp Kawasaki for $1200. Last I knew, the motor was knocking and spittering when I shut her down. Both mowers are belt driven. The 14' landscape trailor is in very good condition. It is derived from an old pop up camper frame. When I purchased the trailor, the frame was bent just aft of the tongue. I had a friend of the family (welder by trade) replace the tongue and frame forward of the front brace. He also did his best to straight the front brace. Anyhow, it has wood floors and fresh paint (black), with a fold down gate/ramp. All the lights work. New tire and rim on right side and the left is in good shape. Some of the wood sides in the front have been replaced. Prices are firm and will offer the entire package for the first $1500. Get started making money. Best bang for you're hard-earned dollar. All this with $200.00 worth of flyers will bring you roughly $18,000 in earned income. Thanks, Harry J:gunsfirin

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