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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by CoachLinz, May 30, 2003.

  1. CoachLinz

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    I've done a search and can only find info on some of these and not really enough to do a real comparison, so please help.

    I am just starting out and have a few lawns I've been doing with a 22" mower. I'm buying a used 48" w/b and trailer along with new trimmer, blower, etc. These are the used mowers currently for sale locally. Any info you can give on them will be much appreciated. I haven't gotten to look at any of them yet but will this afternoon and tomorrow so for now lets assume they all run good and are in good shape, etc. I'm planning on trying to buy 1 of them this weekend.

    1- Exmark 48" w/b w/ blades and belts - $1000
    2- Bobcat 48" w/b - $1100
    3- Woods 48" w/b - $900 obo
    4- Craftsman 42" w/b - $575 obo

    I am on a budget, but I can afford to spend up to $1100-1200 on a mower right now. Eventually, I would buy a new mower and what I get now will become a backup, but whatever I buy now will have to be my primary mower for at least this season and next.
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    I would visit your local dealers for the woods exmark and bobcat talk to the dealer about what you want to do and see which dealer is willing to work with you the most. There is a reason these guys are wanting to sell them. Which mower looks the easiest to repair and work on yourself ? Also what plans in the future do you have about the business. Is exmarkk what you want to buy or woods. I would visit he dealers and decide who will be the most helpful and then choose the mower.
  3. CoachLinz

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    I talked to the guy selling the Bobcat a short while ago. He is downsizing his 25 yr old lawn business and is basically getting rid of some of his backup machines. From some research I've done this afternoon, it sounds like the Bobcat may be the easier to work on myself and I can get parts easily. Plus, I know someone else who has been doing this a few years who runs Bobcats and he is willing to help me out with maintenance as needed if there is anything I can't fix myself. I'm going to look at it tomorrow.
  4. Auroris

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    A couple of things come to mind while reading your post.

    The Craftsman might be an OK "consumer" machine - but won't last long at all using it commercially, and most of the used ones seem to need fixing pretty soon after buying them already.

    The eXmark probably has the best reputation at this point out of the ones you listed. Many of the Lawnsite posts will attest to this. The eXmark cut is legendary and they are very reliable.

    I'm in a similar situation as far as the budget goes, but as things grow this season I am saving for a new eXmark walk behind mower.

    Anyhow, even on a limited budget, you cannot afford cheap equipment. Always buy the best you possibly can. The cheap stuff seems to come back to bite a guy in the behind - I am learning that this year already.
  5. CoachLinz

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    Thanks for the input guys. I bought the Bobcat today. Ended with that one for several reasons. 1- I could never get the guy with the Exmark on the phone! 4 messages and no return call! 2- the guy I bought the Bobcat from had several of them plus a few other brands/models to choose from. He's been in the business a lonf time and is now overhauling and selling much of his equipment since he now only does huge jobs where he is using a 12' wing tractor and large jobs where he uses a big Z. He's only keeping 2 w/b mowers out of the 12 or 14 he had. So, I ended up with the Bobcat he had just overhauled completely - all new belts, brakes, Gator blades, tires, transmission. He also adjusted and cleaned everything. I tested it and a few others he had out on his big lawn and this one was great. Runs like a top and cuts real nice. Plus, he told me it would only take 1 hour for me to drive to his place and it took 2, so he felt guilty. I offered him $1000 for it (he was asking $1300 for this one) and after trying to get me to go higher (which I refused) he went for it. So, now I just need either a truck or trailer and a new blower and I'm set. I already have a trim mower and I'm picking up an Echo trimmer tomorrow. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Auroris

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    Alright, cool Coach! Hope the equipement earns it's keep for you.

    Best wishes this season! :D

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