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I have to make some room in my building so I was thinking of selling off some of my old equipment. I've been trying to find price info on older mowers to have an idea of what to ask and was wondering if I could get some input.

The first is a Z1802k Snapper ZTR 18hp Kohler 48" Joystick control with 1300 hours. Runs great, no smoke. The deck has seen better days and I have patched it a couple of times.

The second is a 1990 Toro belt drive T-bar 44" with 12.5 or 13hp Kawi with a new trans and belts. No hour meter but it starts with 1/2 a pull every time. The deck cover is missing but other than that it is in good shape.

Both are ugly so depending on how much I could get out of them I was going to put a fresh coat of paint on them and put new hydro lines on the Snapper since the old ones are pretty ugly just to freshen up the apearance.

Any ideas about what I could get for them? I've seen the snapper on-line from anywhere between $1000 and $2000 the Toro, who knows?

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