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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawrence stone, Jun 18, 2000.

  1. A guess the drought is wiping out some FLA<br>contractors. At the following Toro WB's are for sale in FLA.<p>18 hp hydro w/ 36&quot; deck $1250<p>14 hp belt kohler 32&quot; deck $350<p>12 hp belt briggs 32&quot; deck $300<p>If it was winter time I would point the truck and trailer south and buy them myself.
  2. HOMER

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    Those 32&quot; decks sound real appealing!<p>Homer
  3. jcjrfl

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    mr stone how did you find these mowers on tradreonline i am interrested in buying one of them but can't find the listings at $350 it beats getting a regular mower
  4. Starling Lawn

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    thanks for the tip on traderonline lawrence.<br>dave
  5. Homer- Those 32&quot; machines are needed in the<br>Northeast metro markets. It is very profitable in the Northeast mowing 40 x 75 <br>homesites. A 32 is needed to get thru the<br>gates. <p>In my area you could easily get 100 of those<br>small accounts the first year. A pair of 32&quot; and 21&quot; are all the machines needed for a<br>two man crew.<p>jcj- do a search using the words toro under the bargan trader and heavy equipment areas.<p>I really could use that hydro. I would hook it to my 62&quot; deck and sell off the 36&quot; deck<br>with an old belt drive traction unit.
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    I agree with Mr Stone, if I had the will or ambition I could easily double my business by sending out a one-man crew with an s-10 trimmer and 32-inch mower to do the small gated city lots I pass up so often (and so do the big operations). Thing is, right now theres more than enough gravy jobs to go around.<p>Bill
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    Thats what I did 2 years ago.<p>Started a 1 man crew doing small lawns, out-of-way lawns for great $ and fenced in back yard lawns.<p>He grosses over $40/hr. with minimal equipment.

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