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Used or New??


LawnSite Member
I'm planning on joining the business shortly, part time, 2 days a week to substitute my income. I am shopping for equipment and thinking of starting with a 36in walk-behind from either xmark, jdeere, or scag. Ive seen all the models in the showrooms, and I've also been looking at used models. I would prefer a used one since its less outta pocket and it can become my backup/gated-yard mower if the business takes off, and I decide on a 48. Should I get a used mower and what do I look for in a used unit as far as wear and tear and proper maintenance?


LawnSite Member
New York
if you have the money buy it New if your strapped and looking part time (like you said ) i would tell you buy USED but buy carefully used. my 2 cents.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Wilton, CT
Look at the used equip section here.
A 36" should be just fine if you think you'll have issues with gates. If many yards in your area don't have gates a 48" would be a better choice.
As far as wear and tear, it's hard to tell just by looking at a mower. I know sone one with a nice 52"TTHP and he never washes it but keeps it in tip top shape. You would never know by looking at it.