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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by cjoverma, Jan 26, 2009.

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    This is a very well maintained and 100% functional permagreen ultra. I bought it this summer and used it for misc purposes, then did my 5 lawns in Sept fert with it..flawlessly...then i broke the recoil... instead of screwing around with fixing it (i dont halfway fix anything) i just ordered a new engine ($660) and put that, new (aggressive)tires, a completely new spray system(new lines, pump, cleaned fittings, calibrated tips, etc) and used for rest of year. Just picked up another 20 acres of fert + spray so i decided to sell and get bigger unit. nothing at all is wrong, as matter of fact just had dealer go thru it and fix a switch that i used to have to ground out the spark to kill. now i can just flip kill switch. please call if you have any questions about it. If i dont answer i will call you back asap, just leave voicemail or txt me. if i can figure out how to post pics i will. also just pulled all wheels off and painted rims and hopper to look nice. very good machine for $$. asking $2700. cell is 765 237 8420. nights are best to get ahold of me.

    permagreen 018.jpg

    permagreen 023.jpg

    permagreen 020.jpg

    permagreen 025.jpg

    permagreen 027.jpg
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    still for sale???

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