Used PG Triumph - buy it? Or go new?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by scotts lawn care, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Hey guys,

    I have a question about buying a Permagreen Triumph. I don't yet have any experience with any ride on sprayer/spreader, but need to buy on by spring.

    My J.D. dealer just got one in from a guy that just declared his lawn business bankrupt. I hate to see anyone have to go this route - but at least he was good enough to return his equipment to the dealer, so the repo man was not involved.

    It's a 2011 Triumph bought new in june of 2011. The price is $5,000.

    My concerns are this: The hour meter does not work - looks like he unplugged it?

    There is quite a lot of rust on a machine that's barely 2 yrs. old. He didn't clean it up after his last day of apps, there's still fert stuck to it all over, and in the bottom of the hopper, there's still spray mix in the bottom of each tank - and probably in the line and jets.

    I have my doubts whether he did the maintenance/ cleaning on it after each day of use.

    I am very anal about my equipment maintenance/cleaning. A new Triumph is $8,000. This 2011 is $5,000. Which would you guys buy? sorry about no pics.

    Thanks for your input!
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    Sounds like a deal. However I would make sure that it actually runs and it actually is capable of spraying. Potentially the pump or valves are cracked due to freezing. A good power wash should clean it up. Lube with WD 40. Fertilizer causes rust on steel--but stainless steel parts will be fine. You may need to replace a few control cables, if rust caused them to work stiffly. You may want to prime and paint sheet metal parts like the motor shroud
    If you are anal about equipment maintenance, you know how to clean it up and lube it up. Polish the stainless steel. Wax it to a fine lustre. Tune up the motor. New oil, gas and air filter. Make sure the pump and spraying system is ready to go. Nozzles and screens clean.
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