Used Rainmaster V. Brand New

CAPT Stream Rotar

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Cape Cod, Ma
Thinking about pulling a big trigger on a used RM pro max ua.
It comes with a few pig tails and case..

But the more I think about it I fell it would be just better to get a brand new one and not buy any possible headaches.Its going to cost more..But when it gets dropped for the first time my hands will be dropping it..

I have the cash in the bank for brand new...If I did get it I would be able to just slaughter any service account no matter of size or clock location..

Every year I buy a nice tool for myself to keep me interested and current in the service industry...This year it will be a promax....

I value everyone's opinion here and would love some feed back....


Mike Leary

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Do I have to beat you guys over the head? Buy a fresh one with warranty, factory support, etc. :hammerhead: I had two of them, both bought new, and even so, with all the work they got, the keypads went south. RM was on top of it right away because they knew I bought it, had the serial number and wanted me as a continued client. :clapping:


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metro NYC
that's what I say about the wine I drink
- as long as chumps misspell their auctions so bad that you have to luck into finding them, I will still shop around