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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Boycea, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. Boycea

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    Does anybody have any knowledge of a Scag Turf Runner. I am going ot look at one tomorrow that is from 1997 with 1800 hours on it. I was told the guy is very meticulous about his equipment. The guy is asking 1600 for it. Any thoughts on this

    thank you
  2. Ryan Lightning

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    The Turf runner is the Walker wanna-be?
    If it was still a great working machine, and gave him no problems, the price seems a little cheap? I would look over the bolts and nuts for signs of repairs, Maybe he got tired of fixxing stuff on it.
    If it mowed good, and he would let a mechanic look it over, Id pay that just to use it for bagging.
  3. Shady Brook

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    Run Away, Run away as fast as you can!!!!:eek:

    I owned one, and took a nice loss on it after a few months! The beast is a nightmare, an engineering flop. Take notice how long they were in production before they switched to the Couger. I'll give you a hint... Not long.

    I have talked to a couple other fellas that had them as well, and the sentiment is the same. My dealer said they are bad, parts manager said junk! My dealer told me he would not have sold one to me, to bad the other salesman did.

    Want to pick up leaves... Be prepared to lay under the machine with great frequency to unclog the shoot. Heavy Grass.... Soggy you will be laying under the mower to clean the shoot. Invest in a lubrication company, the gear boxes leak like a sieve. The way the blades are held on is nuts! Two small little bolts keep the balde in position while one large one holds the blade on. The small ones will brake off all the time, may only take a mole hill, and the blade will flop around free under the deck while the other spins.

    Piece of horid junk!

    I hope I do not sound like I am bashing scag, just this unit! If I were you, invest your money elsewhere!

  4. What jay said is right!!!!!!.Dont even just run away run away at a sprinters pace away fro that thing!!!!
    In all the years since we went into bisiness that machine was the biggest mistake we ever made.
    For side discharge it had a contrapion on the side that would shut off the hopper .
    Well it plugged as bad least little dew and the sucker would plug!!!

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