Used Scag Turf Tiger Prices

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by zrider441, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. zrider441

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    I currently use all Toro equipment, I had briefly looked at a new Scag while I was buying parts for my Stihl blower. The prices seemed to be alot more than Toro.

    I ran into an opportunity to buy a used Turf Tiger 52" deck with 25hp Kolher, 100 hrs on the mower for $ 6000.00 Is this a good buy? The owner is scaling back his operation and want to sell the Tiger and a Cougar with 44" deck, 27hp Kaw lc with 50 hr for $7000.

    I did a search and could not find much data on used Scag prices.
  2. floridalawncare

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    figure how many hours this machine should last. then pro-rate it and deal from there. if you say 3000 hours, and it's got 1500, a 6000$ dollar machine could be worth as much as, but no more than 3000$. this is only a starting point. try to see it's over condition is in good shape. if any thing missing or not working properly, even unmatched tires, deduct for this. be particular when you buy, this is your hard earned money.

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