Used Skidsteers-What to look for?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Scag48, Aug 27, 2003.

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    Hey guys. My dad and I are investing in a skidsteer...SOON. I found a machine I think would be just right for me and am calling the seller about some things about the machine. Not sure what year it is, but it's a Bobcat F-series 753, so it's newer than a '96 with new paint and tires and front aux. hydraulics. They are asking $9750, but if i can talk them down $500, I think I'd have a good deal, depending how many hours is on it. To get to the point, what are some things to look out for on a used machine? I read a thread on it a long time ago, but I can't remember anything. I know I want to run it for a while and put it through it's paces, check for leaks, general things. But what else is there to look at? I've run plenty of AG tractors, but I know nothing about skidsteers when it comes to buying used. I should have posted this in the heavy equip. forum, but I need quick replies and there aren't many people in there. Thanks for the help, I will keep posted!
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    I can't specificaly help you

    But would imagine that you need to take the approach as with any used purchase. Car, equipment among others.

    Go over the engine like you would a car.

    Look over the hydrolics, pump, hoses. Look for wear, leaks and so on. I know some have quick connect fittings. Try them see that they work and don't leek.

    Operate the machine, try lifting the back end of your truck or something with it. See that it tracks straight when levers are both forward, same for reverse. Pay attention to response if seems sluggish, then perhaps a problem with hydrolic pressure.

    Listen to the machine carefully.

    I have used a friends machine often. If I was to buy a used one, those are the things I would be looking at.
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    Yes, that makes sense GLAN. General things like taking a look at the engine compartment a good idea to check for leaks. I will be sure to run it alot to make sure things are working properly.
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    Apparently they repainted the machine to look like a newer model. The machine is a '93 with 3K hours. How does that price sound?
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    Sounds high, that's a significant amount of hours. I'd have it professionaly checked out first.
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    I think $9,500 for used Bobcat is that has 3,000 hours and is 10 years old is way out of line. I trade mine out at 1,500 hours. I get excellent trade in value and there is still plenty of life in them. If you are running this machine as part of a business I would look at a used machine with around1000 hours give or take. No matter what brand it is. Some suggestions on used skid steers: No matter how new the machine is people seem to be able to tear them rather quickly; don't assume that because it fairly new that it "must" be in good condition. Run an engine oil and hydraulic oil check on the machine. Check the loader arms for straightness as well as the pins for play. Check drive chains, and sprokets for wear. Check to see that all of the "-----" lights work. These machines are expensive to have worked on. If you have ever looked inside of one you know why. You can easily be upside down in one if buy a heap. IF you are buying from a private party it would be worth the money to take it to the dealer and have it checked out.
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    10 years old I would try for half of what they are asking.
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  9. Scag48

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    Thanks for the info guys. Here's an update. The Bobcat dealer around here isn't that great, so I'm looking at Cat right now. I've called a reputable Cat dealer that has a chain of dealerships across the state and they are looking for a used machine for me. Right now I'm looking at a 236, they have some in the fleet with about 600 hours that have been maintained by the dealer, which is good, for about 21,000. We might do a lease, haven't decided. Going down today to take a look at it and run it around. I'm also looking at the 226 as well. I would like any opinions on Cat machines as dealer support with Cat up here is pretty good. Would like to go Bobcat, but I think I'd have problems with that dealer. Also, any opinions on JD? I have heard some bad things about them but have never run them so I wouldn't know. Thanks guys! Will keep posted
  10. sidebuz

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    Can't go wrong buying/leasing a Cat. JD on the other hand... never driven them, but I haven't heard a good thing about a JD skid steer yet. New Holland has pretty solid loader; especially for the money. Might want to check that option out too. Just my two cents.

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