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Used too much KILLEX...grass is dead too


LawnSite Senior Member
I spot sprayed with way too much Killex . I killed the grass....is there any hope of it returning? Actually, the grass is just yellowish. It is not completely dead but darn close.

Any suggestions on bringing it back short of sodding?


LawnSite Member
What is Killex? It sounds like a generic Roundup. If so the grass is probably dead also.
Killex is 2,4-D and mecoprop amine base selective herbicide. Using too much concentrate on one spot will yellow the grass also.

For non-selective spot kills, I find 5% household vinegar is more effective and faster than any of those Round-Up and Wipe-Out products. It turns the weeds brown 2 hours flat compared to 5-6 days for those crazy expensive products. If you can find 10-20% strength vinegar it will do the job even better.


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
Keep watering heavily and do NOT mow it down...It will come back. It will take a few weeks, though.