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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by snapper, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. snapper

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    This kinda goes along with my other post about getting a mower for this year, i want to get your alls opinion on this mower. Buddy of mine is selling his toro z-master. It is about four years old, has about 700 hrs on it. I would say it has been maintained fair, runs pretty good and mows pretty good, it is a little ruff looking. It is a 27 horse and 62" deck(pretty sure that is what he said) He is wanting 3000 for it, my first thought was a little high. He said this was blue book for it, he had talked to a few dealers and that was what they said it was worth. Now if this price is good, what do i need to watch out for? if not what should i offer? I dont really need a mower this big but it sure would be nice, like i said in another post, i was considering buying a new walk behind, but if my thinking is wrong and this is a good price i might reconsider it.. So is it worth considering? or is price too high??

    LAter chris
  2. Carolina Cuts

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    I paid $3600.00 for a 52" Snapper in B+ condition with 520 hrs on it. Passing on a 52" Scag in C+ condition with 1700 hrs. For me, (Scag fan) it was a tough call... but opted for the Snapper. "THEY SAY" z-riders start nickel'n'dimin' ya around 500-600 hrs. Not me... but "They" :eek:

    Now with it just turning 700 hrs, I went ahead and replaced all spindles... by choice. Only 1 went bad. Replaced all belts as well this past September. As we speak I put the mower in the shop for service for the upcoming season.

    Unfortunately, I don't know anything about Toro. But I do know this.... I don't think I'd by a 62" for my first Z. Unless of course, you have some descent size properties and or commercial work.
  3. rodfather

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    is it air or liquid cooled?
  4. procut

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    $3000 doesn't sound like a bad price.
  5. snapper

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    okay looked up the model number, it is a 2001 23 horse kohler air cooled, 62" deck. What is the average life span of these hydro systems? How complexed is it to change the hydro oil and filter? Is there anything i really need to check on it?

    Later chris
  6. mdenton

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    Chris;I have a 2001 toro 62" w/ 25hp kohler that has 1700 hrs on it and the only thing that I have done to it is service it regularly.$3000 is a great price for it. ........Michael
  7. J&R Landscaping

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    Changing the hydro fluid and filter is not hard at all! No harder than engine oil and filter.
    23hp for a 62" deck seems a bit under powered to me! If you get into some patches of thick or wet grass, you may have a problem with the machine bogging down.
    You said you were considering a new walkbehind? I don't know what size propertys you work on but 62" seems a bit big if you thinking you want a walkbehind! You could get a 52" either walkbehind or rider for pretty good price on ebay or once the dealers start their spring specials! I was in the market for just a 48" w.b last season and was surprised when the dealer told me i could get a 52" Z rider for $1400 more! It gave me something to think about but I decided to wait anyway.
    I would definitly ask myself if I would need something that big!
  8. snapper

    snapper LawnSite Senior Member
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    well what i mow would accomodcate a mower this big. I was looking at walk behinds because that was what was in my price range. Then my buddy told me about his he was going to sell. And i got to thinking and being able to ride and have hydrostatic, which was very appealing, not to mention i could persue bigger jobs. I could make do with a gear drive walk behind, but the thought of riding versues being drug around behind a wb and no belts to mess with, it seems to make more sense to over buy.. Okay one more question, is there any way to realy check out the hydro system? I dont believe the hydro fluid has been changed, and the filter might not of been either. Should i be concered of this? I know the hydros are the most expensive to fix. I plan to thourghly go over it, but i just dont know what to look for in the hydro system, So any pointers welcome!

    Thanks chris
  9. Shuter

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    $3000 sounds fair. I sold my 1998 22 hp 52" deck Toro Z with 600 hours last summer for $3000. I paid $9000.00 for a 2005 23hp, 48" deck Toro Z, brand new.
  10. jkkalbers

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    I'd buy it.payup

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