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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Total.Lawn.Care, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Total.Lawn.Care

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    I am looking to buy a used tractor and I have some questions that I hope you all can help be with.

    1. Where is a good marketplace for used tractors? I am looking to get a tractor with a loader for under $6K. Is this possible to do and get one in descent to good shape.

    2. I have 20 acres of land that I need to basicly underbrush and keep bushhogged out. This does not need to get done all at once, but is on ongoing project as this is the land we are going to build our house on. What HP tractor do you recommend for this type of application.

    3. I also want to be able to use this tractor in my Lawncare/Landscape business as a material handler, grader ground prep machine etc. So I want it to have a Loader and be able to run the BushHog, Box Blade, Harley Rake, etc. Do you have any recommendations for this application?

    Please provide in put of what size machines you guys use for these pplicationa dn how you like them, Pros/Cons, relative cost (if you would liek to share) and what I can expectt o find in the used market.

    Keep in mind that I do nto need on very often right now in my business, but will as I grow. So I woul dliek to keep cost down right now and woudl consider a smaller HP one as well. I am also willing to make a few repairs and do maintenance if needed, I just need ideas on what to expect to get and for what price so that I know how to shop for one.

  2. SLC  LLC

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    I am in the same boat as you, with much the same questions and application and financial needs. Thanks for posting. I will keep an eye out on the responses too. Thanks again.
  3. FearThisDeere

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    You will be hard pressed to find a really good tractor and loader for under $6k, but they are out there. Do some research. Look through the Want AD, Trader magazines, EBay, etc... An older Deere or International would be my choice. A Ford 9N is also an option. They are old (late 40s, early 50s), but are great tractors. The only thing is that very few of them have loaders. Those that do are usually home made. Always check the hours and see if they can be verified by maintenance records. Just because the clock says 4k, doesn't meant that is isn't 14k. It is like buying a used car or truck, you have to know what to look for and what to expect from the seller. My Uncle has a 1967 International that I forget the model of. That thing start on the first try every time. It is a tank for a 2wd tractor and is nearly 40 years old! I think it has like 17k hours on it. He bought it cheap and did some work to it. He said he could sell it for around $3500 to $4000. It is rusty, old, and smokes, but it works like a dog all the time. Might be something you want to look into. Just expect problems just like buying anything else used. Most times, there is a reason why they are selling it. Tractor parts can get pretty expensive. I wish you were closer to me, there is a nice International for short money that is sweet! Good luck!
  4. Rickco

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    I looked for about a year and couldnt find any good one for reasonable money. I finaly broke down and bought a new JD 4400. Great interest rates,payment isn't much,I just make sure to keep it working so it more than pays for itself.
  5. muddstopper

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    Only you can know the type of work you are going to call on the tracotr to perform. With that said, my favorite size tractor is around 45hp. Smaller tractors just dont have the omph to do a lot of lifting with the loader. A late model 45hp tractor with loader is going to be hard to find for $6000. For bushogging just 20 acres of your own property, you can get by with a 8n ford, which only has around 25hp. It just depends on how much work and how fast you need it done on whether you want to fool with a 50ish model tractor. Some of the best buys of older model equipment with low hours will be from an estate sale. Old people die everyday and the widows dont have any use for the farm equipment anymore and usually sell cheap to get rid of it. Of course its buyer beware, sometimes you get the bear and other times the bear gets you. can also be a good source for finding used equipment, it national so you should be able to find something in your area. I have also found lots of used equipment by just typeing in used tractor or used skidsteer, or just plain tractor, etc., in my search engine. You can find lots of auctions and dealer sites that way and of course theres Ebay.
  6. Birdhunter1

    Birdhunter1 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 312 is also a good place, I found my Ford 3910 with a loader and 1700 hours on there. You can type in to do a search by nearest to your zipcode too.
    A Massey Ferguson 135 would be ideal for what you're wanting. I think it was replaced with the 235 around the early-mid 70's, the MF 245 or 255 are also good machines (think mid 70's to early-mid 80's). John Deere, if you can find a 2020 or 301 then that would be a very capable machien as well. With the Ford's, the 2910, 2810, 3910 area all good ones too. All of these are in the 30-50 hp range and are pretty simple straight forward trators that are very durable and dern near bulletproof, 1/2 ton truck will handle most of these but a 3/4 truck will be better suited. All of them can be found in decent-excellent shape with a loader for under $10k, finding a good machine from any of the major brands under $6k with a loader will be tough but not impossible.
    also try for useful information on brands and models of tractors, the site is similar to this board but for tractor/small farm related stuff.
  7. RockSet N' Grade

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    We have a local website put on by the newsradio in our area. It's farm country here. I am sure other newsbroadcast companies throughout the US have the same. On the site they offer free advertising for anyone wanting to sell. Lots of good deals from folks on these local sites. Ours is Check your local news stations website and see what they have local.
  8. lawn king

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    You should just buy a new machine, if you put the 6 grand down, you can get a nice rig! Kubota will let you go 90 months on many models, at that rate you will have a small payment and the machine you really want. If the business takes off, you pay it off early, either way you win!
  9. AWJ Services

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    Maybe I missed it But with a Loader 4x4 is a must in my opinion.

    36 to 50 hp is a positive.

    I have a Kubota L3710 Grand Hydrostatic drive 4x4 with a Bushog Brand loader.

    Paid 18,500 dollars brand new delivered.Payment was only 300 bucks
    It is around a 2002 model.Replaced the battery and a couple lines on the loader thats it.

    My only advice about 6000 dollar spending limit is too back that down a little and spend the rest on tools and a service manual.:)

    All of the Ford 3910 , 2910 ,2810 are some of the best tractors ever built.
    They really hold there value around here with a good 3910 still bringing 10 grand.
  10. RockSet N' Grade

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    After some thought, I am with AWJ on buying a new machine. I have a small ranch and we brush hog, till, backhoe, clean horse pens, move stuff wife even likes to drive it and do chores with it. This is my 3rd unit and I have a Kubota 4330 with a cab, my payments are $306.06 a month and it is a pretty nice little rig for our place. Its 4x4, heat n'air, and I put in a stereo.....oh yea, we also have a snow blower for it which comes in handy.
    I think I would buy a fairly new machine or one that is a year or so old and spend your $6,000 on payments for the next two years instead of paying cash for a used machine. There are also tax implications that may work out to your advantage by purchasing a new machine vs. an old older unit for cash....your accountant can advise you on that.

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