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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by zak406, Jan 7, 2013.

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    It seems like truck prices have definitely been UP in the past 6 months. They do fluctuate a little. When gas was up around $4 a gallon, there were more deals to be had I think. I agree with what another poster said about people trying to offload their crew cab grocery getters for big bucks.

    Keep an eye on Craigslist. There are deals to be had, much better if you can bide your time until the right one comes along. Private sellers and dealers both, I see them trying to get well over 10K for a ten year old gas truck with over 100K miles. It's crazy to me! I've always been a fan of buying vehicles 2-3 years old with 30K or less on them, but these days that'll run you like 25K. It's just getting crazy so I'm sitting on my tired old truck and rolling on with no payments for now. Good luck man, keep your eyes open!
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    Like I said earlier I dont mind spending money and I dont mind traveling to get a truck. We flew to boston to get a truck for my brother last summer and it turned out great. Getting back to it though I dont mind spending money, however I am trying to keep my business debt free for as long as possible. So I dont want to finance a new truck (I obviously dont have the cash for that and even if I did I wouldnt spend it on a brand new truck). Something used however is doable. My other issue is I commute to school and hockey practice anywere from 3-7 days a week. It isnt uncommon for me to put on 500 miles a week just in commuting for school and hockey that is where I think a diesel would be benificial for me. That is still not even thinking about business. In the summer im towing or hauling something every day often it is quite weighted. Further more I have 3-4 more years of school left (im going to try to get a ga position to get free grad school). OFf the top of my head with school alone it is possible for me to put on 56000 miles alone in the next 3-4 years. Once again that is just school and hockey and not factoring in business. I probably drive another 10-15 thousand miles a year for business and business related ventures. Again that is not factoring in any free time. Thats were I think gas would be a waste of time. 100000 miles in 3-4 years not to mention im buying used in all likely hood it will come with some miles. Im not saying a gas truck cant go over 100000 but putting millage on like that will kill any resale value i may have. I am seriously considering getting an r titled cummins from a place called balsleys. Thats all they do is buy wrecked trucks and fix them. As long as it would check out with my mechanic (family friend) and be able to be insured I would be ok with that. I just cant see people paying all this money for used trucks. Its almost like you would have to be rich or dumb to pay what people are asking for these trucks....
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    I have a 99 F150 XL that I bought new. Its currently for sale at 5,500.00 and only has 84g on the odometer, yup, 84g original miles-very clean. Here's a pic-oh, it a V6.

    fine pix 001.jpg
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    its tough finding a truck around here like you want. good luck!
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    Used cars never used to be so expensive. I hate to say it, but that cash for clunkers program that the government ran about 4 years ago hurt the used car market and everything was all of a sudden worth way more. Can't do much about that now though

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    they are negotiable, some more then others, you can't be afraid to walk away from a dealer and say no. I was looking at a 2010 f350 xlt 6.4 twin turbo diesel regular cab and they want 29,500 for the truck and over the phone i got them to 28,500 with taxes and reg included and the truck is still under the factory warranty until 3.25.2016 not really a great deal but something i could live with, i found another truck identical but its an 08 with 70,000 miles same truck, power windows, locks, mirrors, heated mirrors, 60/40 cloth seat both have electronic 4x4, keyless entry, the pin pad on the drivers side for remote less entry. both have the nicer wheels and new tires, and they were asking 26000 and i got them to 21,000 over the phone and the sales man said they will take less once i'm there in person. going to look at the 08 this week, and hopefully buy it for 19000 out the door with taxes and reg included.
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    With dealers I think it's hard to gauge how high their markup is on used vehicles so it's hard to know how far down they can go. Anyone with some inside know how much dealer markup usually is percentage wise or does that just vary way too much to tell? I'm in the market for a new vehicle myself haha.
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    I just bought a 2011 STX F150 supercab, 3.7 V6 4x4, with only 6 thousand miles-still smells new!(That's why I'm selling the red one I posted.)

    I've been shopping the internet for a month-you gotta take your time and play the game. But I have found when it comes to trucks the internet pricing is pretty close to what your gonna pay. I waited till they dropped another grand off the price and then pulled the trigger.
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    here's the "new" 2011.

    fine pix 001.jpg
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    That's nice Groomer... That's what i'd like to get but will have to settle for an 04 or 05 something around that year and will most definately have more than 6k miles...

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