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used walker advice


LawnSite Member
Rhode Island
I have the opportunity to purchase a used walker ('96) with a never been used re-built kohler 20hp engine. I am skeptical about this purchase except for the fact that the dealer that I am buying it from guarantees me that if anything goes wrong with the machine that he cannot fix on the trailer, he will give me another walker to use until it is fixed. He assures me that the machine will be "gone through" in order to fix any of the machines shortcomings (the minor stuff) and ready to rock for the spring season. the price is right @ $3500 but I would like some input from whoever is interested in offering some. Thanks! By the way, i do not have a use for a mid-mount ztr as most of my properties are medium to small.


LawnSite Senior Member
Durham, NC
How many hours on the Walker? If it is a model T with less than 1200 hours, and the rest of it looks to be in good shape, then I would go for it.

LB Landscaping

LawnSite Bronze Member
If he is willing to back it up why be skeptical especially for that price. That mower new would cost you well over $8000. Any used mower will have its little problems. Do you do business with this dealer, can you trust him????


LawnSite Senior Member
Fruita, colorado
If the machine is in good shape that is a killer price. Check the hydrostats by pushing it against something solid and see if it will make the tires spin. If that machine at that price was close to me I'd buy it.


LawnSite Senior Member
Memphis, TN
if it is a GHS deck, check the gear boxes by pulling the blades back and forth (toward you and push back into the deck) to see if there is alot of play, if so the gear boxes could be going out.

Aaron Marshall

LawnSite Member
I just bought a walker this year and am very impressed by the customer service provided by my dealer, if they will back you, then its worth it.
Also, here is a list of what my dealer does to sell a used walker:
~Tractor Reconditioning Process
-Complete disassembly of chassis
-Frame and body are sandblasted to bare metal
-Frame and body freshly primed and painted
-All other components are thoroughly cleand and inspected for wear
-Engine disassembled, inspected and overhauled
-Pulleys and bearings are inspected for wear, replaced if needed
-All belts are replaced
-GHS blowers are inspected and replaced if excessively worn
-Hydrostatic drives are tested and fluids changed
-Gear axles are inspected and fluid changed
-Damaged decals replaced
-Safety updates installed
~Mower Deck Reconditioning Process
-Mower is disassembled
-Deck pan and carrier frame sandblasted
-Mower is repainted
-Gearboxes and blade drive inspected and repaired as necessary
-New blades installed
-New chute if required

They are asking 3200 for this one, but it is only a 11hp 42" deck.


LawnSite Member
Langley B.C.
I aggee with cush check that blower good indicator of how she was treated in the past. I bought mine used (98) up here. No one has them for sale used.One thing is (why the rebuild) small flag here. Any how I have had good luck with mine Knock on wood. It seems to be built like a tank with a ne impeller in the blower it's like a vacume cleaner out there.Not many for sale used so don't let it go past you. see if you can get him to put new belts on it and so on worth a try Good luck


LawnSite Member
Rhode Island
thanks for the input, everybody. I went down to the dealer yesterday and I voiced my concerns and he assured me that everything that needs to be fixed will be fixed before the machine leaves the garage. I trust this guy due to his outstanding reputation around these parts. Needless to say, the machine is due to be ready next tuesday. thanks again.