Used Walker or new Toro z100

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turfer, May 31, 2000.

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    I need to make a decision on a new mower. My biggest concern is quality of cut. Must stripe well. I'm only doing small residentials part time. I understand the ghs system pretty much makes the Walker a dedicated mulcher unless you open up the back with a deflector shield. I either need to bag or mulch so I would prefer to mulch with the z100. Which has the best cut ? I can get a 99 16hp ghs Walker with 140 hours and 42&quot; deck for $6500 or a Toro z100 44&quot;, 17hp Kaw. for $5999. Which do you think is the best deal ? Walker is in decent shape, a little mis-used but overall good. Again, I'm not worried about bagging all the time but I do need to bag or mulch. Doesn't exmark make something similar to the z100 ? Any help would be appreciated. .<p>Ultimately, I need the quickest machine with the best quality. Again, I'm part time with a family with 10 - 12 residentials weekly so I need to get it cut fast and looking good so I can get home to supper. Can I expect a walkbehind to accomplish this ? Thanks.<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: turfer
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    walker makes a good mower, but it is used.the z100 is new, and has a warranty. the equivalent model made by exmark is a lazer hp 44&quot; deck you get a 2 year warranty.the spindles on the toro have bearings and are greasable, they are sealed on the exmark but are warranted for three years. the exmark also sells for $5990 both mowers are identical, toro owns exmark the main difference is the deck. i personnally like exmark's deck it is sturdier, but toro cuts well also. By the way the exmark is a 18hp kohler at $5990 and you can get a 19hp kawasaki for $6295 and a 21hp kawa with a 48&quot; deck for $6550<br> <br><p><font size="1">Edited by: smoker
  3. I have a 44&quot; toro walk behind with a toro bagging kit for sale for $1300.<p>If you only have 10 jobs you will take YEARS<br>just to break even if you spend $6k on such a little mower.
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    Hey Lawrence,<br>You sure have a way of cheering a guy up. Just kidding, you get right to the point and I appreciate it. I've only been at this for a few months and have been adding some good accounts slowly but surely. I'm trying to get enough work to go full time but I'm following a solid business plan in order to do it. Maybe by year end I'll be there. I'm planning to only do residentials for a year or 2 so hopefully I'll be at 50 accounts by year end. Thanks.<br>

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    i started out w/ a used 16 horse walker and had it about 3 weeks( then upgraded) you will need more power for that machine i would go w/ the biggest engine you can get and the new machine will have no repairs for a little while only preventative <br>doug
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    Recently I purchased a toro z-master 100 44&quot; cut but I was in the same boat as you whether to buy a walker 42&quot; cut or the toro. Well like I said I went with the toro and couldn't be happier I have the mulch kit on it and it does a wonderful job the toro will be faster than the walker because it is belt drivin. I went with the toro because of size and the quality of both machines is almost the same. Go with the toro you won't regret it.
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    i just wanted to say that it may take awhile to pay for it with 10 jobs....but last year i had two accounts and went and bought a trailer a greatdane 52inch a lawns boy a blower ..two trimmers a hedge trimmer and a 97 one ton ford and a boss its 8 months later and i am making 2,700 a week working if you doa nice job and work hard you will be doing well in no time,i was lucky and had some money from my old job to pay cash for my stuff,but i love what i am doing now and am happier than ever in my life,so i wish you luck and think you should look into all mowers befor buying one and give the Dane a try...i love mine.<p>thanks<br>scott
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    I agree with Scotts Lawn about the Great Dane. I also have a 52&quot; Dane. This mower often overlooked when considering mowers. Maybe because it has only been out three years, but they are the most solid built mower I have ever seen. There is a Great Dane Junior with a 48&quot; cut. Then you move to the Chariot with 52&quot; & 61&quot; cuts. Give Great Dane a try. I have 135hrs. on mine and I am still amazed by the machine. <p>Scottslawn tell me more about your Dane.<p>Thanks & good luck<br>
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    my dane is a 52inch surfer...not a bit of trouble and i can mow 15 to 20 yards aday with it. in MN greatdanes are everywear and everyone really likes there only $4,800 and you dont have to walk,i just need a 36in now for the gated yards and ill be happy.

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