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Lehi Ut
A used 1993 48" 20 hp Kohler with 982 hours. Average wear on the deck edges and the hopper appears to be in good shape. I haven't driven it or heard it run yet. Any estimates on the value of this machine. Owner is asking $3300.00 What things should I be looking for on a machine like this? It's for my father in law or I wouldn't be asking.



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I would never buy a mower that was 11 years old. The hours seem a little low even for a home owner one lawn user. and I would check every hyrdo seal and bushings for excessive wear. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

gene gls

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The price could be a bit high. If it was a homeowner unit and had good service then it should be a good unit. The motor should last to 2000 hours. I think that is the old style deck, dosen't tilt up for blade change or cleaning. Look it over very close for wear,deck thickness, feel in the blower housing for groves, check the extension between the blower and the hopper.



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I have a 93 model that is in great shape I bought from a home owner to use as a back up unit last year it came with 2 decks (48, and a 2001-62,) I paid $2700.00 for it and havent had any problems with it "YET", I think the price is somewhat high, just my opinion.


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