Used Walker vs. Used Exmark Navigator

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by amanda8950, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. amanda8950

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    I need to get a zero turn rider but can not afford the new mower price tags right now. I have an Exmark local dealer to me and a Walker dealer about 30 minutes from me. I have talked myself into a front mount which leaves with me just those options as far as the dealers. I have found an '05 Exmark with 330 hours, 27 hp, 48" deck, decent shape for about $5500. The best deal I could find on a Walker was an older model ( not sure of the year ) with 625 hours, 25 hp non EFI, decent shape with a 6 month warranty for $6800.

    With that many more hours, is the Walker still worth the extra money ? If I were buying new and had the money, I like the Walkers better and have heard more good about the Walkers than the Exmarks, but the Exmark sounds like a better deal to me.

    Thoughts ???????
  2. Jason Rose

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    Iv'e ran Walkers and demoed a Navigator. All I can say is BUY THE WALKER! SImply easier to operate and most certianly more "proven" in the industry. Also there's a laundry list of accessories available for the Walker, and NONE for the Exmark. There has to be a good reason why the Exmark is selling for such a low price (around HALF of new) when it's got such low hours.
  3. KS_Grasscutter

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    Yep, definitely get the Walker.
  4. amanda8950

    amanda8950 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the quick input guys. Keep it coming.
  5. ztrlvr

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    That statment sums it up. One can say this about a Walker or That about a Navigator but when it comes down to it the market will dictate the real value of an item. It works on all items, boats, cars, you name it.
  6. bobcat175

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    year should be on the serial # plate. Keep looking, that doesn't sound like a good should be able to pick up a decent used MT GHS for around $4-5k.

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