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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by jagkh, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. jagkh

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    Theres a guy selling a 2011 Wright stander for 1200 on craigslist just 20 minutes from me and i was wondering how it would be worth, the guy says it has 1081 hours and has the newer Kawasaki engine. He says it just needs an oil change and a tune up but is ready to cut.I can probably talk him down a little bit but i was wondering if it is worth it and what to look for to when buying something like this to avoid the headaches and frustrations. Here is the link, right now my price range is only 2k atm
  2. mattymax

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    Did you get it ? Either a sick deal or fake add
  3. SS Lawn Care

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    It could be legit, but probably the price reflects the condition of the mower. Hydro pumps are probably due for a rebuild, engine might be using more oil than it should. Hydro drive belts might regularly be slipping off because the idler pulley spring is worn out. Non greasable spindles might be getting rough. The trim side of the deck might be wearing thin. These were all things that were problem areas on my 2011 Wright Stander 36 at about 1000 hours.
  4. mattymax

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    Even at 1200$ that’s a steal !!!
  5. Greencuts518

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    Yeah all $1200 will get you is a beat up belt walk behind in my area

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